The making of a new word?

Let’s face it. Every week in the news is amazing/unbelievable/frightening/weird/fake/mind-boggling, etc.

President Trump walked in front of the queen but that wasn’t surprising. (Think his America First slogan.) And we all knew that that big orange balloon was coming, didn’t we? Putting the Prime Minister down in one (recorded) interview and calling that interview “Fake news” is just another news day.

No, the real surprise was the congressional hearing with Peter Strzok who turned out to be a take-no-prisoners FBI agent. Congressman Trey “let’s have another hearing” Gowdy was determined to get secret information about the Russia investigation, even threatening contempt charges but Strzok wasn’t having it.

After much bullying, snorting and cursing, Gowdy got his head handed to him. Hence, our new word: strzoked.


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You know that guy?

You have a get together for members of your neighborhood. Through years of diligence and hard work, this is a safe neighborhood. Occasionally there are problems with a few visitors from outside but you deal with them. It takes time, effort and money to keep everyone together but they have a common goal, so it works.

There’s one homeowner in the group who doesn’t actually live in the neighborhood but he owns the biggest house. As expected, the house gets turned over to a new owner every few years. Each owner understands what’s expected and the transition is fairly seamless.  At these gatherings the new owner usually comes with some constructive ideas and everything is fine. A few laughs, good food and much collegial discussion.

But, then the house is accidentally turned over to a bully who is a “my way or the highway” kind of guy. He has virtually no interest in your point of view. None. Right from the start, he’s yelling at everyone and demanding that his needs be met. Members of this group aren’t used to this in-your-face behavior. They expect decorum and good manners but rather what they get is more like an obnoxious rock band, smashing their guitars.

The new owner doesn’t care about the neighborhood, its members or much of anything. The joy for him is in the reactions of others to his bull in the China shop tantrums. And child-like tantrums they are.


But visiting another neighborhood (where he is frequently viewed with disdain and derision), this big baby will be faced with his doppelganger in a diaper. The bully will not be amused, so expect fury and arms crossed.

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The road downhill

Her 14-month-old was held for 85 days and never bathed ONCE!

These past weeks have felt like an old movie, Experiment in Terror. (Ross Martin is a killer who continually calls and threatens Lee Remick, a bank teller. If she doesn’t steal money from her bank, he’ll get her and the people she cares about. Of course we have our hero, Glenn Ford.) There’s no mention of a wall, but…

With all the pictures and stories of immigrant families torn apart and followed by a litany of excuses why they aren’t reunited yet, we received another bombshell. There aren’t 2,000 children imprisoned. The Department of Health and Human Services now says it could be closer to 3,000.

According to the LA Times:

“I asked about my son and they wouldn’t respond. I insisted on knowing and they told me, ‘Ma’am, your son is not here, he is far away and you’re being deported to your country.’”

She said that’s when she started to cry and “pleaded with them to let me stay with my son.”

“The official told me, ‘Don’t make me use a Taser gun on you,’” she wrote.

That qualifies as terror in anyone’s book.

They know where all the children are

Yeah. Right.

Oh, they know that they’ve got a lot of children in this cage and a bunch locked up in that one, but they don’t know who their folks are! If they did, they wouldn’t be scrambling to run DNA tests.

The deadline to reunite these people is July 26 so they better get cracking because the world is watching.

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The big day


Are you going? The lead partners of this action are calling upon participants to wear white—as a striking visual symbol that will also connect attendees in solidarity to each-other and channel historic social justice movements unified by one color of clothing.

Consider bringing yourself and five friends! These are family-friendly events.

Not sure where to go? map

With more than 600 marches just go here.

General Talking Points: Go here

Suggested signs:

  • Keep Families Together
  • La Families Merecen Estar Unidas
  • Families Belong Together
  • Familias Unidas No Divididas


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Who cares if you got tossed out of a restaurant?


“I didn’t know that they could separate me from my son. I didn’t know. Yes, (I am) very scared. He is my son and I love him. I’ve carried him throughout the journey and it was hard.”

A 16-year-old girl in a detention cell had been taking care of a young child she didn’t know for three days because the child’s aunt was being held in a separate cell in the facility. The teenager had to show other children in her cell how to help change the girl’s diaper, who they thought was around two years old.

6-year old Will watched as his father was taken away 6 months ago.  Every night before bed, Will says his prayers and kisses the photos of his mom and dad and then hours later wanders out of his bunk bed and stands outside the door of his foster parents’ room, crying and saying his stomach hurts.

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And you thought it was too hot for snow?

With two failures behind them, the White House modified their Muslim ban once again. Presumably, to make us feel safer, North Korea was added and they could deny their ultimate goal of banning Muslims. (Since no one comes from North Korea anyway, no loss.)

With a wink and a nod, the Supreme Court (5-4) bought this new snow job. The message is that with the right sweetener, discrimination is acceptable. It’s like a perversion of Mary Poppins’ spoonful of sugar recipe. Only hers would make us feel better and this doesn’t.

The White House doesn’t care about the poor or down trodden or separating families. Be fearful that the worst is yet to come.


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Fake news!

Not to shock anyone, but some of our employees in Washington are spreading lies.

Lie #1

Other providers can absorb Planned Parenthood’s patient base

Experts have demonstrated over and over again, community health centers don’t have the capacity to absorb the 2.4 million Planned Parenthood patients.


Lie #2

Planned Parenthood is unpopular and should be defunded

An estimated one in five American women has relied on Planned Parenthood for care in her lifetime. 20 separate nationwide polls and an additional 12 polls in key states show strong favorability for Planned Parenthood and strong opposition to efforts in Congress to block patients from accessing high-quality, lifesaving care at Planned Parenthood.

Lie #3

Planned Parenthood uses federal tax dollars for abortions 

Most federal funds come through Medicaid, the government-funded health insurance plan for people with low incomes. Just like other kinds of insurance, Medicaid reimburses Planned Parenthood’s doctors and nurses for the preventive medical services they provide, including lifesaving cancer screenings, HIV tests, and birth control.


Let’s be honest. Planned Parenthood performs abortions. But, realistically, it’s only 3% of the work they do and tax dollars are not used.

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