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Bucket showers, vegan meals, and saplings.  Lots of saplings.  These are what you’ll come across on an average day at Sadhana Forest, a reforestation projected located in Tamil Nadu, India’s southernmost state.  Mike Roy, son of Fellowship members Barbara Linde and Jeffrey Hinkley, and veteran of the UUFP Youth Group 1996-2002, has spent six months there as a short-term volunteer and is preparing to return for a year as a long-termer.  He will be sharing his and Sadhana’s story on Sunday, August 30th’ at the Adult R.E. forum in a presentation called “Sadhana Forest: A Forest in the Making.”


          Mike’s multimedia presentation will include a short history of Sadhana Forest’s transformation from a single family’s homestead to one of the largest residential volunteer projects in India, hosting over 1,000 volunteers yearly and gaining recognition from numerous Indian and international environmental organizations, including being awarded 3rd place in 2010’s Humanitarian Water and Food Awards.   The presentation will also contain explanations of the ongoing water conservation and tree-planting efforts, descriptions of the various low-impact living systems in place, and reflections on the experience living in an international intentional community with volunteers from dozens of countries.

All are welcome to attend.  There will be time for questions both during and after the presentation. Sunday, August 30th, 9:30AM.  Adult RE, Administration building.

More information about Sadhana Forest is available at

Mike’s personal website, a blog recounting his 3-year, 20,000-mile bicycle ride from South Korea to Sadhana Forest, is located at

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School Supply Drive

Joanne Dingus  (Director of Religious Education)

Joanne Dingus
(Director of Religious Education)

Children’s RE and The Got Kids Group are having a school supply drive to benefit the Boys and Girls Club. If you are school supply shopping for your own kids or would just like to help some kids this year, please pick up an item or two to help the Boys and Girls Club!

You may begin bringing in items from now until September 20th. The Got Kids group will package up the items and make back to school notes of encouragement to include with the donations. Here is a list of possible items from Elementary through Middle school.

K-5: 1 backpack (large enough for a 3-ring binder)• 1 bottle of foaming hand soap or refill• 1 box of wipes or wipe refills• 1 box of tissues• 1 container of disinfecting wipes• 2 rolls of paper towels •1 bottle of hand sanitizer •2 boxes of crayons (16 or 24) • 2 dozen pencils• 4 glue sticks• 1 zippered pencil pouch• 1 pack washable markers• 3 packs wide-ruled notebook paper• (2nd -5 th only) 2 composition books

6th Grade General Supply List •white loose leaf paper •100 page composition notebooks (5 to start, more will be needed) •mechanical pencils with extra lead OR #2 pencils & hand‐sharpener and erasers •blue or black ink pens and a red pen for checking •colored pencils/colored markers •4 function calculator for home use •2 large boxes tissues •glue sticks/scotch tape •6 inch English/metric ruler •highlighters •pencil pouches to fit into binders •1 ½ – 2” 3-ring binders (1 per core class) •headphones/earbuds for laptop use •2 spiral composition notebooks •Clear packing tape Optional Items: •hand sanitizer •small scissors •disinfectant wipes •construction paper •colored printer paper

 Additional Items for Sixth Grade TAG Team: • Heavy Duty Page Protectors (to be used in binders, approximately 60) • 1 roll of clear packing tape • 1 pack of stick‐on Divider Tabs and 1 pack of 3-ring binder divider pages • Graph paper (~35 sheets, for math) • 3 Highlighters, any color (2 for math, 1 for English) • Pocket dictionary or dictionary app for approved electronic device (English) • 1 pack of Post-It Notes

7th Grade General Supply List • 10- 100 page composition notebooks (more may be needed) • notebook paper • 1 ½ “ 3-ring binders • 2 boxes of tissues • glue sticks • colored pencils • blue or black ink pens and a red pen for checking • mechanical pencils with extra lead OR #2 pencils & hand‐sharpener and erasers • highlighters • 3×5 index cards • page protectors • 4-function calculator (for home use) • 1 English/metric ruler • pencil pouch • 2 packs of dry erase markers • 1 package 11″ x 14″ poster board • headphones/earbuds for laptop use Optional Items: •hand sanitizer •small scissors

Additional Items for Seventh Grade TAG Team: • dividers • calculator (recommend TI-30X IIS) • index cards • notebook hole reinforcements

8th Grade General Supply List • Wide rule notebook paper • 2” 3-ring binders • mechanical pencils with extra lead OR #2 pencils & hand‐sharpener and erasers • blue or black ink pens and a red pen for checking • colored pencils/colored markers • notebook hole reinforcements • 2 large boxes tissues • glue sticks • 1 English/metric ruler • highlighters • pencil pouch • graph paper • write-on tab dividers (10 pack) • scientific calculator • 4 function calculator • USB drive • index cards • composition books – (100 pages) 5 (black & white) • dry erase markers • Geometry students need compass, protractor, shapes template. • Headphones/earbuds

 Additional Items for Eighth Grade TAG Team: • College rule notebook paper Optional Items for the TAG Team: • Page Protectors • Whiteout • Graph Paper (1/4 inch) • Graphing Calculator (TI83Plus or TI84)


Note- These lists came from Jenkins and Gildersleeve

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Birthdays (September 2015)

Many Happy Returns to our UUFP members and friends who will be celebrating their birthdays in SEPTEMBER!  They are:

Spring Flowers

Larry Baer
John Kelly
Sara Drees
Bob Smith
Lin Chambers
Rachel Bevins
Victoria Schmidt
Vittoria Rhone-Christensen
Mary Faia
Wayne Dawkins
Ken Goodrich 
Aiden Cotter
Steve Warner
Marcy Stutzman

If we have overlooked your birthday, please contact Bobbie Schilling ( )


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Announcements (September 2015)


Planning work party for Building and Grounds, which is your preference:

Sept. 12th or 26th. Jobs:  Building- painting the trim; Grounds- general clean up of yard to include mowing, trimming and removal of debris.

Contact Roy Schilling if you are interested in helping.



September 6th, 2015
We will be discussing
Transformation Goddesses

This is an open discussion circle for everyone.
Goddesses are chosen from various world religions as a starting place for group discussion.

When: 1st Sunday after 2nd service (about 12:15 pm)
Where: In the Annex Building Why: potluck, fellowship and fun.

Childcare can be provided with advance notification.
Please contact with any questions.

Hope to see you there!

(submitted by Janet Gecowets)



September 13th 12:30 pm
Balkan Cuisine
13678 Warwick Bvd., NN (874-0100)
From UUFP, turn right onto Warwick. Located on the right in a strip mall just before Bland Blvd.
All are welcome!

 Questions?  Ask Bobbie Schilling

(submitted by Bobbie Schilling)



Our new season of get-togethers  for Friendship, Food and Fun will be beginning September 15th at 12:30 in the church office.

Please phone Esther at 369-1858 for more details and to reserve a place at the table.

Questions?   Contact Esther Sherman at


 Any announcements not submitted may be added to this post at a later date and/or posted via other communication venues.

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Thank You for the Extra Donations

Mary-Elizabeth Cotton Fellowship Administrator

Mary-Elizabeth Cotton
Fellowship Administrator

submitted by Mary Elizabeth Cotton

One of our goals this year is to promote rental of our buildings to bring in additional funds.  We are having some success with this endeavor with both  outside groups and member’s parties and events.  And though we don’t charge a rental fee for “program groups” several of them have been very dependable about taking up an offering when they meet, some collecting rather generous amounts considering the size of the group.

Since every little bit helps, especially in a year with a tight budget, a big THANK YOU to The Sunday Morning Forum, “Three Jewels” Meditation group (second and fourth Wednesdays at 6:30pm), EarthRising (the eight Sabbats of the year) and Women’s Drumming (fourth Saturdays at 7pm).

The Fellowship greatly appreciates all your generosity!

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RE NEWS: Summer Camps and Fall Start Up!

Joanne Dingus  (Director of Religious Education)

Joanne Dingus
(Director of Religious Education)

submitted by Joanne Dingus

My family got to go to SUUSI (a UU family camp) again this year. It was a little bit of an adjustment being at VA Tech instead of Radford but we figured it out pretty quickly. For those of you who have never been to SUUSI, it is a week long summer camp for people of all ages. There is programming for children, youth, teens, young adults and adults that includes nature trips, UU topics of interest, creative art workshops, music workshops and workshops just to have fun. There is also worship available twice a day, outdoor community time and lots and lots of music!
Jaimie and I worked with children each day and Jerry practiced and performed with the School of Rock band. There are many ways to volunteer and earn credit to help pay your way. We stayed in dorm rooms and ate at the dining hall. It’s a great way to spend a week surrounded by happy UU’s.
Next year SUUSI will be held at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC and will likely stay there for many years. It’s a longer drive for us but the mountain views look amazing and the University is really excited about having us there. If you are looking for a wonderful family vacation next July, I encourage you to check out SUUSI at Oh, and by the way, I’ve taken on the role of Youth Director, so if you have questions about the children’s program, just ask!
Colossal Creativity Camp
Rosalee and I led our first Colossal Creativity Art Camp this year. We had 14 campers and lots of helpers. I want to thank Asher, Jaimie, Gwen and Claire for their help with the kids. Also thanks to Mason and Patricia for the bamboo, Kirsten for some morning help, Jerry for some afternoon help and thanks to everyone who donated supplies! We had lots of fun making bridges, painting pictures, doing sculpture, graffiti, making wind chimes, collage, beads, buttons, splatter painting, you name it, we did it!
Start Up
We’ve had an enjoyable summer learning about trees and our environment. Fall start up is about to happen with the first day of new classes starting on September 6th. We will have our usual 9:30 class for 3-11 year olds using the Tapestry of Faith curriculum Signs of our Faith. Older students who come to the 9:30 class are invited to attend Adult RE or attend service. Our 11:00 service will be divided into the following age groups; Nursery (0-3), Spirit Play (3-5), Signs of our Faith and UU’s Make a Difference (6-10), Building Bridges (11-13), Virtue Ethics (14-18.)
The middle and high school groups will meet at 11:00 in the office building most weeks. Once a month they will be given the chance to go to service to experience group worship.
The preschool through elementary students will start in service, hear the children’s focus and then go to their classes in the sanctuary building from there. Just a reminder that class descriptions and home activities will be sent to you in the weekly digest and be posted on our website and in the order of service.
I’d like to thank all of our volunteer teachers for making the commitment to teach and learn with our children and youth!
See you in the RE!


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Blessing Bags

Joanne Dingus (Director of Religious Education)

Joanne Dingus
(Director of Religious Education)

submitted by Joanne Dingus
Have you seen someone on a street corner or outside of a store holding up a sign asking for help? Have you wanted to help but didn’t have anything to give? How about a Blessing Bag?
Children’s RE and The Got Kids Group will be working on an ongoing project this year to help people in our community. We will be collecting supplies to make Blessing Bags for Homeless or Low income individuals.
Here’s the way it will work. We are asking congregants to donate items from the list (see below.) When we get enough items we will have the Got Kids Group package them up and add an inspirational note or drawing. Then the bags will be available for congregants to distribute to people in need that they happen upon out in the community.
Here’s the list-Gallon size ziplock bags, chap stick, packages of tissues, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, soap, hotel size shampoo, trail mix, granola bars, crackers, pack of gum, band aids, mouthwash, coins or cash of a predetermined amount (say $5.00) hand wipes, pair of warm socks, rain poncho, tampons, deodorant, city bus ticket or other items you think would be helpful. Just bring your items to RE. 
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