Take a little off the top!

College is expensive.

It’s challenging for parents because there’s always another need like more books.

But it’s equally difficult for students. Which jeans should you buy? What movie should you watch while studying? And, obviously, for boring lectures: audio books and music, right?

Amazon is giving college students FREE Prime for six months. With discounts on almost everything and with free shipping, it’s a great way to save some serious money!


No students handy? No worries.


Remember that Amazon supports the Fellowship.

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He’s coming back!

Alan Sheeler will be home soon ready to fulfill our commitments and that means he’ll be shaking the money bag to make sure he has enough. After half the month, we already have 60% of what he needs! Thank you.

Paying your pledge commitment gets us there.


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Get on the bus: March for Racial Justice



The Social Justice Team has scheduled a bus to the March for Racial Justice on Saturday September 30.



Cost is $45 per person and will depart from the Food Lion, 316 Oyster Point Rd Newport News, VA 23602. The March for Racial Justice is a multi-community movement led by a coalition united in our demands for civil and human rights.


We march because as long as U.S. laws, policies and practices remain steeped in racism and white supremacy, basic human rights and civil rights for all, will never be fully realized.


We march to strengthen local and nationwide efforts for racial equity and justice.


It is our duty to dismantle oppression, and to challenge, reverse and put an end to laws, policies and practices that dehumanize people of color while sustaining white supremacy and racism.

Our vision is to create a just and equitable future for our communities and country. If you are interested, see Carey Hall-Warner or Pam Luke between services or email socialjustice@uufp.org.


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Vision Statement: A Hunger-Free Community

That’s a powerful vision statement.


The Social Justice committee chose the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia as a Share the Basket partner because together we as a Fellowship can do something. This is a local commitment to the thousands of food-insecure folks right here.

One reason the Foodbank was chosen was this value:

People: We will treat all people with respect, dignity and courtesy. We will work to provide an inclusive culture in which all can work and learn together.

Please remember that tomorrow is Foodbank Sunday for Share the Basket.


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Your update

Last week we talked about Alan Sheeler being on vacation. As treasurer, one of his jobs is minding our bank balances. Every week he enters the Fellowship’s income into our books so that you get credited for your pledge payment. It’s a lot of work.

Santa note


And, sort of like Santa, he knows everything!


So, here’s the scoop: We had a great first week of Alan’s vacation! The baskets overflowed and Vanco was on fire.

But, there’s still time this week to make sure that Alan sees the Fellowship’s commitment.


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**IMPORTANT** Support Schedule

What speaks to your heart? Alleviating hunger? Women’s health? Helping people get back on their feet? Here’s our Share the Basket schedule for August:

 Don’t forget on-line


1st Sunday August 6



2nd Sunday August 13  second Sunday


Marking 27 years



3rd Sunday August 20



4th Sunday August 27  Planned-Parenthood-6-17-(1)

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When the cat’s away!



The UUFP Treasurer, Alan Sheeler, is out of town.

While he’s gone, I can say some nice things about him. Obviously, he makes good choices—just look at his mate, Michelle. (Home run!)



Since joining the Fellowship in April 1999, he has taken on just about every job imaginable. He was president 138 times because we needed him. (Under his leadership we paid our old mortgage off!) He’s also served as Finance Chair and was instrumental in the purchase of the office building and paying off the original loan with our bond fund.

Alan is one of the first to show up for emergencies and one of the last to leave.

He has cleared the ice covered walkways before church, worked like crazy to get the mess fixed after the pipes froze, raked leaves, painted the sanctuary and even grabbed a vacuum cleaner when need. And, when needed, he has leaped a few tall buildings!

He’ll need money to pay the Fellowship’s commitments so when he gets home, the first thing he’ll do is check the UUFP bank account!

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REVEALED! THE secret sauce used at UUFP!


Click for larger view

Blend everything together and it will probably look like this:


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I read the news today. Oh boy!


We’ve had such a great response to this and it didn’t seem appropriate to stop after Henry Chambers’ less-than-serious poem.

So, please, bring underwear or cash this Sunday! Or do it on-line.

Wednesday afternoon Fellowship Circle (Tom, Mason, Jeanie, Judy, Pam, Alice, Henry, Randy and David)

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The Underwear Poet Strikes!

Fellowship Circles can be a bit of serious mixed with dollop of caring and a dash of humor. If you haven’t been in one, you really should sign up now for one of the new ones this fall. These were begun under the leadership of Rev. Paul Boothby and a group of fifteen hard-working volunteers. They are a small group that spends a few hours per month with a variety of subjects as a way to get to know each other such as personally special music, end of life planning and the real meaning of WWJD? But, each group is different.

Remember the humor part?

The Wednesday afternoon circle chose “Undie Sunday” as its service project and Henry Chambers as the spokesman because, who else?


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