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Where do you turn?

Just when you think your heart can’t break anymore and things can’t get worse, they do.

People we count on to make us laugh are just as devastated as we are. Leadership is more like a battlefield. Unlike before, no one seems to say, “This, too, shall pass.” Phrases like ‘new normal’ can send a shiver down your spine.

Church is really about community, regardless of brand. Just singing a hymn on Sunday or watching children’s eyes light up with a story or heading out after work to help prepare a meal for others can elevate your spirits. The UU Fellowship is made up of people who are willing to cut the grass, paint, guide a discussion, lead a committee, serve on a committee—the list is

It’s frightening to consider a world without the thousands of communities that give us shelter from hatred and furnish us with a little laughter when there doesn’t seem much that’s funny.

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Our Whole Lives

The first Adult OWL session is coming up Next Tuesday, October 10, from 7 – 8:30 p.m. We will have a signup sheet between services on Sunday, or contact Lehni Lebert or Jeff Hinkley of you would like to attend. We will meet the following 3 Tuesdays at the same time
We will begin to create a comfortable and respectful venue for expanding our knowledge and understanding. We plan to cover the Language of Sex and Sexualizations, Constructing Sexual Systems, Discussions and what we will cover in future classes.owl-2015

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What does the Foodbank do?

Sometimes it’s better to hear the real stories:

This Sunday we share our gifts with the Foodbank in the basket and on-line.

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Fall is a great time to box up your old books and bring them to Judy Remsberg. Judy will sell them on and the proceeds will all benefit the Fellowship.



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A great Newport News partnership

Feeding the food-challenged can seem overwhelming but St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and the UU Fellowship have made it feel achievable. Their respective members have made food a major focus of time, talent and treasure.

Men eating

One of the many meals served at St. Paul’s.

Proven results!

The Good Friday meals, lead by Donna Sprock, have been so successful that the fifth Fridays of each month have been added, organized by Sarah Edwards.

But we can do more

Will you please consider giving more this Sunday when the basket comes to you? Your gifts mean more meals and less hunger for those who need it.

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Tonight’s the night to book your meal and tickets.

to benefit the uufp

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Out standing in their field

This saturday september 30 6pm

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Exciting times supported by the UUFP basket

Planned Parenthood

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What’s better than TV?

No remote to look for and your dinner is included—no clean up! And entertainment and pizza for your kids. Get the whole package NOW!

Live entertainment


This Sunday is the last one for tickets or do it on-line NOW! See the MENU.


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