Good news from the UUFP endowment!

This year the UUFP Endowment trustees awarded a grant to the Peninsula Foodbank to support their culinary program.  Judy Remsberg received a letter from the director and a link to a WAVY TV program highlighting their accomplishments.

Foodbank-Craig Galler

“I’m so proud of the UUFP being able to support this worthy program through the Endowment.”

Judy Remsberg

UUFP Trustee

WAVY video about the Culinary Program

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No way to run a country

You may want to ask yourself, “What constitutes murder and is ‘just following orders’ a good defense?” Has the level of inhumanity by our government reached such a point that morality doesn’t factor into its decision making anymore? Take the following:

There are nine people of good will with the group No More Deaths who are facing federal charges after leaving water bottles for migrants in the Arizona desert. They are charged with misdemeanors for driving in a wilderness area, entering a wildlife refuge without a permit and abandonment of property.


It gets even more unforgivable

Border patrols are actually destroying any chance that immigrants may have of just staying alive. Bodies of adults and children are found in the desert and, if the videos are any indication, these agents are cutting their lifeline with a smile. This indefensible behavior by the United States government has to cease.


Whether it’s destroying water bottles or just dumping water out, death may be the final outcome

It makes one wonder why these people are so desperate to go to a country with this kind of leadership.

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Politics vs. Personal

politics vs personal

Politics can be more like a shoot out at the OK Coral.

One thing that John McCain has reminded us that politics is a rough and tumble business. If you want to be president you pull out all the stops. And you know at the outset that there will be a winner and loser. It doesn’t mean that the best man wins, only that someone will win.

And, in the case of the senate, the battles are constant. McCain fought legendary battles with the liberals, unless he thought they were right as in the case of Obamacare.

But, McCain has also reminded us that there is personal and that the two shouldn’t be confused. It’s a good lesson for everyone involved in the politics of work or even charity work. Not easy to do when passions are high but it’s necessary if there’s to be civility and you value a good quality of life. Otherwise it can cost feelings and friendships.

McCain will be eulogized by three men this week who were his political foes but, in his mind, they were never personal enemies. Those who don’t understand the difference will be left all alone this week.

But the weather should be great for golf this weekend.

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It’s all about who you know

Dog-rain gear

Our dog has fleas





Mom was right when she said you had to be careful who you associated with. Or as Ben Franklin wrote, “He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas.”





Growing up, you were probably told by your mother to beware of hanging out with the wrong crowd. You might get in trouble and, just as bad, get the wrong kind of reputation. One only has to look at recent history to see that she was right.

Richard Nixon surrounded himself with people who had no issues with morality if it justified their ambitions. Most ended up serving prison time with their reputations in tatters. Not because of the Watergate break in but because of the lies they told to cover it up.

Once again, we’re seeing that Mom was right. Paying off a stripper to serve the cause? (Not hard to know how Mom would have felt about that.) Securing loans by lying turns out to be a felony because it’s wrong. (Mom never liked liars.)

Donald Trump has surrounded himself with men and women of questionable character. They seem willing to lie, steal and obstruct to support a showman who has no allegiance to them. Chances are that this week’s trials are just the beginning. It wouldn’t be surprising to discover that most White House staffers have contacted an attorney.

And writing a book about Trump doesn’t get you redemption. Tapes or no tapes.

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It doesn’t matter who’s to blame

Whether we want the 700-plus immigrant children being held in our custody or not doesn’t matter because they aren’t leaving. And, since we can’t match them up with their parents because we don’t know who or where they are, these kids are ours. Nobody left them on our doorstep—we took them.

It’s time to quit playing the blame game because it’s unimportant. It won’t matter who’s in charge, these children will still be here and we need to figure out what to do with them. Fortunately, no one has suggested putting them in busses and dropping them off at the border in the dead of night. And it would be inhuman to keep them in cages until—what?—forever?

Since we never had a Plan A, we don’t need a Plan B. What we need is a Next Step Plan. Here’s a possible solution:

  1. Treat them like we do wards of the court and find families to raise them.
  2. Make sure they get a good secondary education.
  3. Furnish a college education at our expense, if they desire.
  4. Guarantee citizenship at eighteen to any who request it.
  5. Hope for a positive outcome.

Keeping children in cages is just plain wrong on every level but placing them in a loving home gives them a chance at a happy, stable life. A secondary education is the next level toward a productive life. We know college isn’t for everyone but it should be available to those who want it and it should be on our dime.

Of course all of this costs money and according to the Department of Agriculture, the cost of raising a child is $14,000 per year. Compare that to the $700 per day we’re spending ($255,000 per year) and the price is reasonable. In all fairness, college isn’t included in the cost of raising a child but, c’mon, surely we can squeeze the cost out of the $241,000 we’ll save every year.

These are innocent children who have been used as pawns possibly by their parents but most certainly by our government.

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When the pot boils over


How often do we see someone lash out in anger over an act they perceive as against them? In reading the news, we see it’s pretty frequent. Road rage comes to mind.

But what about the kind that stews for years until the lid flies off? That’s what police say happened with Joseph James Pappas when he killed Dr. Mark Hausknecht’s over his mother’s death twenty years ago. Twenty years is a long time to stew.

Who’s watching the pot?

More than seven hundred children are imprisoned by the government. In all likelihood, they will never see their parents again so what’s the plan? Will they receive citizenship someday? Will they be deported on their 18th birthday?

Now we learn that many are being given drugs to control their behavior! What will be their mindset? Thankfulness or anger? How long will the resentment churn before they begin acting out and what form will it take?

This could be a coming attraction on planes, trains or bicycles. Does anyone believe a wall will solve the problem?

What will we do when the genie comes out of the bottle? Because there won’t be any way of putting it back?

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Want to bet?

School is out (cue kids yelling, “Yay!”). And, actually, a lot of parents may be breathing a sigh of relief, too, because no school means no school shootings.

The young people with March for our Lives are spending their summer vacations encouraging the ultimate act of registering young people to vote, creating awareness and returning the CDC funding of research on gun violence.

They are currently touring the east coast so you may want to check them out.


The odds are that your local schools won’t be targeted when classes begin again.

But, do you want to bet?

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