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And you thought it was too hot for snow?

With two failures behind them, the White House modified their Muslim ban once again. Presumably, to make us feel safer, North Korea was added and they could deny their ultimate goal of banning Muslims. (Since no one comes from North … Continue reading

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Bobby still reaches out to us

Bobby Kennedy rarely worried about getting credit. He seemed to always want us to be part of everything. When he used the word “I,” he had a message of hope. It sometimes feels like he’s still watching the news and … Continue reading

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Who needs (or even wants) a new tie?

Or shirt or socks? But a gift to feed people in the birthday boy’s (or girl’s) name? That’s what Rev. Bruce Cheney is asking for his birthday. You’d think that Bruce would want something for himself but, no, he wants … Continue reading

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Think about Jimmy

When parents put hungry kids to bed, there’s also an element of unfairness and a feeling of failure and sadness. That weight on their shoulders must be crushing. But, you can help put a dent in this challenge as we support the Virginia … Continue reading

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Powerful days are coming

Forty days and forty nights of rain were nothing to what Rev. Dr. William Barber has in store. Along with Rev. Dr. Theoharis, Rev. Barber will begin the new Poor People’s Campaign ( tomorrow in 30 state capitols for 40 days. … Continue reading

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Sorry. We’re Closed.

Needing medical help and finding none must be frightening. The closure of a Planned Parenthood clinic may signal the end of affordable access to quality healthcare somewhere. This is why the UU Fellowship of the Peninsula has designated Planned Parenthood … Continue reading

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UUFP Social Justice programs owe a lot to Dr. King

You worry about school safety for your kids. You know guns are everywhere but what can you do? Along comes a group of high school kids who are sick and tired of the violence they see and experience and they’ve … Continue reading

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