If you heard Walter’s sermon on Sunday, you heard him say how important it is to have a vision statement to guide us through the work we do. When you have a clear vision of what your faith is calling you to do, it is much easier to make the choices, do the work and achieve the goals.

We will be working through the process of creating vision and mission statements over the next year or so as a congregation. That got me thinking about our RE Program and its vision.

According to our Religious Education Charter, the purpose of the committee is: To promote and nurture the spiritual growth and education of the Fellowship’s children and youth.

Our current mission statement for RE is:

The UUFP Children’s Religious Education Program is committed to fostering a safe and loving community where all are accepted and empowered to search and question our individual paths by celebrating our shared history and experiences.

To support this mission:

– We will provide opportunities for lifelong exploration and learning.

– We will ensure that acceptance and tolerance are taught and modeled.

– We will show appreciation for our UU history and the world at large.

– We will foster a sense of community through multigenerational activities.

Looking at these purpose and mission statements, I think we do these things more or less. But like our Fellowship’s current statements, these statements fall short. They don’t call us to live our faith out into the world. They are still very inward thinking.

Yes, it is important for our children and youth to learn about our Unitarian Universalist history and our principles. They need to feel safe and loved in our community. They need to feel accepted for who they are and empowered to search for their own truths. But in addition, they need to go out and do the work of making heaven here on earth.

So, over the next few months, I’d like to begin the process of creating a new vison for our religious education program. I will invite families to come together to talk about their desires for their children’s faith development. We will examine what is working well and what things we would like to change or add to the program. I look forward to working together to re-envision our vision!

See you in the RE!



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