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(n) white su·prem·a·cy

It’s all about the words, isn’t it. I guess it’s part of our heritage to delve into the meanings of words. To parse the definitions and make absolutely sure everyone understands the author’s exact intention. Words are how we communicate … Continue reading

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Why Are You Here?

Why are you here? I got that a lot when I first got here. Most of you knew that I had previously been an intern minister in the Richmond congregation, so why was I doing a second internship? There are … Continue reading

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What do you mean “no candy”?

Growing up in a Catholic town, Lent was a big deal. I would see kids at the bus stop with smudges of ash on their forehead talking in a way that was both reluctant and excited about what they were … Continue reading

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Of Words and Wonderings

Language is weird, English especially. We park in driveways and drive on parkways. While slim and fat are antonyms, slim chance and fat chance are synonyms, just like tie up and tie down mean the same thing. When we seed … Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Dark Outside

When you have 14 hours of darkness, you tend to think a lot about light. For many people the only light they get is on their drive into or home from work, usually one of those two but not both. … Continue reading

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Not Just For Show

            One of the more interesting responses to a Donald Trump presidency has been the safety pin. The idea itself came from across the pond in Europe after Brexit. The tenor of the country was … Continue reading

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Kids These Days With Their Gender Identities

Last week (November 20th, 2016) Athena Krafft wrote a piece for worship about transgender identity. If you were unable to attend service that day, I recommend you take a few minutes to read this insightful piece One of the things … Continue reading

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What I Learned on Election Day

I was told this election was supposed to be a landslide. For weeks I had been consuming political podcasts, checking five thirty-eight every day and listening to NPR in the evening. I knew how this was going to turn out. … Continue reading

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Listening to Dissenting Voices

I have a confession, I love politics. I love listening to the talking heads debate policy. I love the analysis after an address or state of the union. I love tracking the polls. Every four years on election night I … Continue reading

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The Generosity of Community Threatre

Back in the 90’s I was doing community theatre in Austin, TX. For those of you unfamiliar, Austin has a similar vibe to Portland, OR, or at least it did in the mid 90’s. It was hipster before hipster has … Continue reading

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