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We support women!! (Actually, everyone)

What’s possible in the near future? Will politicians recognize that everyone deserves quality healthcare or will they legislate that only some do? Keeping clinics open is a major struggle but achievable with your gifts. Shouldn’t women’s right to quality health … Continue reading

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Funds released!

“If we just had the money, our committee could…” The UUFP Trustees have released some of the endowment funds for a worthy, interesting, and appropriate proposal. The guidelines state that projects should support the long term mission of Unitarian Universalism … Continue reading

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Down to the Wire

Last July, who would have pictured the coming year? Some might call it turmoil or confusion. But, as usual, the UUFP was ready. We responded by joining four million (4,000,000) others for a march to support women’s rights. We hung … Continue reading

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Let Kids Be Kids Instead of Being Hungry

Thousands of local kids will lose their access to lunch while there is no school this summer. Your ten dollars (or more) will help change their world. Please do it now! From Karen Joyner, CEO of the Southeastern Foodbank: It’s … Continue reading

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Our yearly countdown

June signals the beginning of summer with the end of school, vacations and plenty of warm weather. It also marks the end of the UUFP year. And what a year we’ve had! The odds are that you’ve participated in a … Continue reading

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Rain was in the air

Yesterday we had a fearsome thunder storm. Heavy rain and lightning—really fascinating to watch from my living room window. Later I read on Facebook that some of my friends got caught in it. Luckily, they made it to the safety … Continue reading

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Root and Wings

Our idea for this series of articles was to base them on information we gathered from young “graduates” of our fellowship regarding how their UUFP experience has affected their adult life. Sometimes this is easier to do than at other … Continue reading

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April Flame

Goddess Circle   Remembrance of Holocaust   On the Road Again                                          Physical, Mental, Spiritual   Leadership Development #3 Happy Birthday to our members … Continue reading

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Resist at every turn

It’s time for the next bus trip to Washington on April 29.  Organized by the Peoples Climate Movement, this march is your chance to stand up for our community and to make your voice heard. When leaders say that they … Continue reading

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Canvass Update

The 2017 pledge drive to support the UU Fellowship may turn out to be the most successful in our history! And it makes sense if you think about what we have to offer. If you have kids, the religious education … Continue reading

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