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Mystery solved (maybe)

Everyone wants to know what Vladimir Putin has on Trump. Maybe we’re over-thinking this. But first, just to get you in the mood, how about a nice cup of Russian Tea? Easy to make, tastes good and most importantly, it’s … Continue reading

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The making of a new word?

Let’s face it. Every week in the news is amazing/unbelievable/frightening/weird/fake/mind-boggling, etc. President Trump walked in front of the queen but that wasn’t surprising. (Think his America First slogan.) And we all knew that that big orange balloon was coming, didn’t … Continue reading

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You know that guy?

You have a get together for members of your neighborhood. Through years of diligence and hard work, this is a safe neighborhood. Occasionally there are problems with a few visitors from outside but you deal with them. It takes time, … Continue reading

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The road downhill

These past weeks have felt like an old movie, Experiment in Terror. (Ross Martin is a killer who continually calls and threatens Lee Remick, a bank teller. If she doesn’t steal money from her bank, he’ll get her and the … Continue reading

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The big day

Are you going? The lead partners of this action are calling upon participants to wear white—as a striking visual symbol that will also connect attendees in solidarity to each-other and channel historic social justice movements unified by one color of … Continue reading

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Who cares if you got tossed out of a restaurant?

“I didn’t know that they could separate me from my son. I didn’t know. Yes, (I am) very scared. He is my son and I love him. I’ve carried him throughout the journey and it was hard.” A 16-year-old girl … Continue reading

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And you thought it was too hot for snow?

With two failures behind them, the White House modified their Muslim ban once again. Presumably, to make us feel safer, North Korea was added and they could deny their ultimate goal of banning Muslims. (Since no one comes from North … Continue reading

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