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No way to run a country

You may want to ask yourself, “What constitutes murder and is ‘just following orders’ a good defense?” Has the level of inhumanity by our government reached such a point that morality doesn’t factor into its decision making anymore? Take the … Continue reading

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Politics vs. Personal

Politics can be more like a shoot out at the OK Coral. One thing that John McCain has reminded us that politics is a rough and tumble business. If you want to be president you pull out all the stops. … Continue reading

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It’s all about who you know

        Mom was right when she said you had to be careful who you associated with. Or as Ben Franklin wrote, “He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas.”         Growing … Continue reading

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It doesn’t matter who’s to blame

Whether we want the 700-plus immigrant children being held in our custody or not doesn’t matter because they aren’t leaving. And, since we can’t match them up with their parents because we don’t know who or where they are, these … Continue reading

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When the pot boils over

How often do we see someone lash out in anger over an act they perceive as against them? In reading the news, we see it’s pretty frequent. Road rage comes to mind. But what about the kind that stews for … Continue reading

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Want to bet?

School is out (cue kids yelling, “Yay!”). And, actually, a lot of parents may be breathing a sigh of relief, too, because no school means no school shootings. The young people with March for our Lives are spending their summer … Continue reading

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Do you think that things are improving?

Or are your eyes open? President Trump says the end of Roe vs Wade will be automatic with his Supreme Court nominees. Please help!

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