Who needs (or even wants) a new tie?

Or shirt or socks?

But a gift to feed people in the birthday boy’s (or girl’s) name?

That’s what Rev. Bruce Cheney is asking for his birthday. You’d think that Bruce would want something for himself but, no, he wants your support for his dynamic food program in downtown Newport News. Money to feed the homeless.

Bruce Cheney

Bruce Cheney: Priest, Father, Grandfather and general handyman at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Newport News, VA

He exemplifies Changing the World and you can help him right now from your computer or your phone!


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Think about Jimmy

When parents put hungry kids to bed, there’s also an element of unfairness and a feeling of failure and sadness. That weight on their shoulders must be crushing.

But, you can help put a dent in this challenge as we support the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank. There should be no place for hungry kids in our neighborhood.


Photo by Napaki Muttaqin on Unsplash

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Powerful days are coming

Forty days and forty nights of rain were nothing to what Rev. Dr. William Barber has in store.

Along with Rev. Dr. Theoharis, Rev. Barber will begin the new Poor People’s Campaign (www.poorpeoplescampaign.org) tomorrow in 30 state capitols for 40 days. This campaign will involve “organizing, educating and power building, voter registration and mobilization” around “issues like voter suppression, issues like poverty and low wages, issues like the lack of health care, issues like the fact that more people die in this world from pollution than from any other cause,” according to Theoharis.


Barber demands that, “…There has to be a moral dissent and a moral critique in every, every, every generation. If there is injustice, if there is oppression, every generation has to pick it up. The success begins when you stand up and challenge it.”

These are going to be forty powerful days and nights.

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Happy Mother’s Day

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A time for celebration

Since many mothers are women or, if you prefer, many women are mothers, Sunday is the time for celebration. Mother’s Day.

I stand with PPThis Sunday Planned Parenthood might be called Planned Motherhood because of all support programs they offer:

Well-Woman Exam—A well-woman exam is a yearly check-up focused on you, your body, and your reproductive health.

Birth control—There are lots of different methods that work really well and are easy to use.

Sex and Relationships—Sexual and romantic relationships are an important part of life.

And many other services

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Give Local 757



Tomorrow is Hampton Roads 5th Annual Giving Day! Be a part.

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Sorry. We’re Closed.


Needing medical help and finding none must be frightening.

The closure of a Planned Parenthood clinic may signal the end of affordable access to quality healthcare somewhere.

This is why the UU Fellowship of the Peninsula has designated Planned Parenthood a Share the Basket partner on the fourth Sunday of each month. Your help is needed now!

Photo by Ed Robertson on Unsplash

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