Shopping tomorrow?

Sunday is our big collection day!

Diaper Shopping

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Five day countdown to Giving Tuesday

Be a part of the Fellowship’s diaper drive between today and Giving Tuesday. Either on-line, in the basket or bring diapers in.

2017 #GT

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Getting in front of a dry behind

We got off to a great start this weekend collecting diapers and money to buy more diapers. Thank you for your help!

We need more help. Nine days left!

The UUFP Social Justice Committee

thank you for caring.

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Congratulations! 27 years!

Thanks to the Social Concerns* Committee, the UUFP congregation voted in 1990 to hold a second passing of the basket for LINK. It was agreed that this would occur on the third Sunday of every month.

Twenty-seven years later we still celebrate our affection and support for this mighty organization on the third Sunday! 

*In about 2006, it was decided to change the name to Social Justice to reflect the diverse work of the committee.

Marking 27 years

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What does all this mean?

By now you have probably seen this 2017 #GT and you may be wondering about it.


It’s about doing something extra. Not something you’re already doing so the UUFP social justice committee has chosen to sponsor a diaper drive to benefit babies whose families may face the crisis of choosing to spend money on food or buying diapers. (This “diaper drive” ends on Giving Tuesday, November 28 and we need your support.)

The average baby uses eight diapers a day, which can cost almost $100 per month. They aren’t covered by food stamps, WIC or any government program. So, please bring diapers to church and use the special boxes or place a check in the baskets or help on-line.


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Playing “What if!”

First, look at this baby.

sad baby

What if he was your neighbor and his mother couldn’t go to work because no day care would take him? And what if you found out it’s because she can’t buy disposable diapers for him because she can’t go to work?

It gets worse

What if this child stays in the same diaper all day because his mother can’t go to work and has to balance buying diapers (for $100/month) with buying food? And, what if you knew that NO social program helps with diapers?

What if?

Would you click on the next article or on this logo and spend a couple of minutes helping us help these babies with diapers? Soc Justice to rescue

When you shop this week, please grab a package of diapers. Please.

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It’s ALREADY starting!

The Christmas displays are going up in the stores in preparation for Black Friday followed by Cyber Mondayimage001

Soc Justice to rescue

As our part in the national  movement G Tuesday on November 28, we’re asking for financial contributions or gifts of disposable diapers. The average baby uses eight diapers a day which, in turn, costs close to $100 per month. They aren’t covered by Medicaid or WIC or food stamps. We need your help!

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Second Sunday means Foodbank!

One of the most exciting activities of the foodbank-logo is the Mobile Food Pantry Program that delivers and distributes fresh, healthy food directly into the communities that need it.

  • Mobile Pantries utilize large refrigerated trucks capable of supplying fresh foods which traditional pantries neither collect nor distribute
  • Mobile pantries extend Foodbank and agency services into neighborhoods outside of their normal range, and thereby enlarge the circle of help in the community
  • In addition to expanding food capacity, these distributions remove barriers which prevent access to unserved or underserved communities, and do so efficiently with an air of dignity
  • Mobile Pantries streamline the delivery process and reduce strain on partner agencies by providing secure transportation of a variety of fresh, nutritionally dense foods
  • By providing an emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats to needy communities, they help combat obesity


Please support our Share the Basket partner tomorrow or do it now online!

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The pitches are coming!

Black Friday

Cyber Monday

But then there’s a chance to spend money that really means something…

Giving Tuesday First

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“Hidden Figures”

Following the free showing of the hit movie, “Hidden Figures,”  will be a discussion of the issues (racism and sexism) addressed in the film. For more information contact Pam or Carey;


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