It’s about access

We’re beginning our fourth year sharing the basket with Planned Parenthood. This is a challenging and exciting time to be a partner to an organization which focuses on the health of women and men.

Tomorrow we collect our gifts in the service as well as now on-line.



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Bring your underwear this Sunday!


A lot has surprisingly been said about underwear

This morning when I put on my underwear I could hear the fruit-of-the-loom guys laughing at me. Rodney Dangerfield

I don’t believe in the afterlife, although I am bringing a change of underwear. Woody Allen

But, it’s no laughing matter at LINK

Please bring new underwear, tee-shirts and socks to church this Sunday. Or make a special designated gift, at church or online.

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In case you were wondering


July is a little over halfway over and pledges are coming in as planned but we need everyone pitching in.

We have a monthly budget of $19,222 and we’ve already received $12,511 so we really need you!

Operators are standing by.

See you Sunday!

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All seriousness aside

You should know that (1)

Please help us with underwear, tee-shirts and socks for LINK.

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LINK Infographic

As we mark 27 years supporting LINK, we shouldn’t lose site of why. Tomorrow is LINK Sunday!

why support link-

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“I, too, could get arrested if I believed in something strong enough.”

Words from a Religious Education teacher once upon a time. (See the video)

One of the biggest commitments we have is the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) because of their commitment to social justice. We happily agree to support their efforts with close to $1000/month because of the work they do and the leadership they provide.

Thank you for supporting the Fellowship which, in turn, supports the UUA.

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Welcome to our new partner!

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Never leave money on the table

A reminder…

The UUFP Trustees have released some of the endowment funds for a worthy, interesting, and appropriate proposal. The guidelines state that projects should support the long term mission of Unitarian Universalism and our congregation.

This is a great opportunity to fund a special project that’s outside the Fellowship’s budget.

Here are the guidelines for writing your proposal.

If we just had the money, our committee could…”

We look forward to seeing your ideas!!

Judy, Roy and Mason


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What you need for the perfect Wedgie

Few things slow you down like droopy drawers. The elastic is shot and no matter what, no one can give you a wedgie even if you wanted one.

LINK, the Living Interfaith Network, is in need of underwear and socks and T-shirts. Now! Especially larger sizes for girls or guys. Just imagine the feeling of support that that these folks will feel in new underwear!

And it’s all up to you. Bring the wedgie back to those in need.

All seriousness aside

The Wednesday afternoon Fellowship Circle will have collection boxes at both buildings between now and July 23.

Or you can give them cash to do your shopping in person or on-line. And, of course, there’s always Amazon.

Stop droopy drawers!


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Set it and forget it

When you go on vacation, does your pledge go, too?

I’m not talking about spending your pledge money on souvenirs, just bringing it up to date later. It’s hard enough without your smiling face when you’re not at church, but it’s really stressful when your money isn’t here.

You probably remember that you raised your pledge to begin after July 1, which means that we’re even more dependent on it than ever before. When there isn’t enough to pay the bills, Alan Sheeler (Treasurer) has to raid the savings account*. And that means he whines to me!

The solution. VANCO!


Does anyone actually have a desk this neat?

It’s very possible that you pay Dominion, Cox or Verizon on-line. So why not your church? You can do it weekly, monthly or even one time. Once you set up your account, you can make changes from your phone, tablet or lap top no matter where you are.

VANCO is easy to set-up. Give it 90 days and you may never go back to checks!

David Walsh (whine dealer)

*Alan always pays savings back. Always!

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