submitted by by Sandy Burkes-Campbell

When I took over the UUFP presidency from Alan Sheeler in July I began to worry about our roof.  As a member of the planning committee I was aware of the problem, leaky roof and aged heating and air conditioning systems.  Our five year plan called for us to fix up our existing buildings to prepare for a future renovation or move.

The flooding earlier this year enabled us to renovate our interior nicely and our successful pledge drive enables us to pay our hard working staff and keep the lights on.

However, replacing our roof is considered a capital expense and I think that most of you are aware that our pledges do not cover that. Our new roof will cost a little over $15,000.

So I wake up at night knowing that hurricane season is upon us and the roof could easily fail and ruin our recent interior renovations.  I was VERY concerned earlier this week as hurricane Juaquin approached.

Last month the board directed our finance chair David Walsh to find the money to “raise the new roof.”

I am pleased to announce that as of last night we have raised $3000 in online and cash contributions, largely thanks to David’s postings online.

If every member contributes $100 we will have the money we need!

Now I know not everyone can do this so we have made it easy.  Just go to ON-LINE… and contribute $25 a month or whatever you can.  Or simply bring a check to church on Sunday.  WE CAN DO THIS FOLKS

As members we covenant to take care of each other and we also must take care of our sacred spaces which enable us to worship together.

Respectfully submitted

Sandy Burkes-Campbell

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