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Vision Statement: A Hunger-Free Community

That’s a powerful vision statement. The Social Justice committee chose the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia as a Share the Basket partner because together we as a Fellowship can do something. This is a local commitment to the thousands of food-insecure … Continue reading

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**IMPORTANT** Support Schedule

What speaks to your heart? Alleviating hunger? Women’s health? Helping people get back on their feet? Here’s our Share the Basket schedule for August:  Don’t forget  1st Sunday August 6     2nd Sunday August 13         … Continue reading

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“I, too, could get arrested if I believed in something strong enough.”

Words from a Religious Education teacher once upon a time. (See the video) One of the biggest commitments we have is the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) because of their commitment to social justice. We happily agree to support their efforts … Continue reading

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Never leave money on the table

A reminder… The UUFP Trustees have released some of the endowment funds for a worthy, interesting, and appropriate proposal. The guidelines state that projects should support the long term mission of Unitarian Universalism and our congregation. This is a great … Continue reading

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What you need for the perfect Wedgie

Few things slow you down like droopy drawers. The elastic is shot and no matter what, no one can give you a wedgie even if you wanted one. LINK, the Living Interfaith Network, is in need of underwear and socks … Continue reading

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Down to the Wire

Last July, who would have pictured the coming year? Some might call it turmoil or confusion. But, as usual, the UUFP was ready. We responded by joining four million (4,000,000) others for a march to support women’s rights. We hung … Continue reading

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Our yearly countdown

June signals the beginning of summer with the end of school, vacations and plenty of warm weather. It also marks the end of the UUFP year. And what a year we’ve had! The odds are that you’ve participated in a … Continue reading

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(n) white su·prem·a·cy

It’s all about the words, isn’t it. I guess it’s part of our heritage to delve into the meanings of words. To parse the definitions and make absolutely sure everyone understands the author’s exact intention. Words are how we communicate … Continue reading

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Why Are You Here?

Why are you here? I got that a lot when I first got here. Most of you knew that I had previously been an intern minister in the Richmond congregation, so why was I doing a second internship? There are … Continue reading

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If you heard Walter’s sermon on Sunday, you heard him say how important it is to have a vision statement to guide us through the work we do. When you have a clear vision of what your faith is calling … Continue reading

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