Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How can I receive all the articles in my email?

Answer:  Visit the main page and enter your email address:

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2.  How can I view a monthly edition of the FLAME online?

Answer:  Use the monthly “archives” feature to view an edition view of articles”

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3.  What kind of information can I submit for the FLAME?

Answer:   We are moving away from ‘announcement’ type posts here on the FLAME blog and moving toward ‘article’ type posts.   More specifically, articles contain more details or even a story about an event or experience.   Articles often ‘paint a picture’ from the author’s perspective.

Any ‘announcement” type of posts will be bulked under one consolidated post for each month.

4.  What are some examples of topics I would submit for posting in the flame?

Article litmus test:  Generally, ask yourself if the article will still be relevant for a visitor to read in 90+ days from when it was posted?

  • Follow-up articles from an event (preferably with photos).
  • Announcement articles that go into depth regarding why the event has historic and meaningful precedence.
  • Inspiring life journey / creative articles.
  • Articles that evoke interest and aspire readers to participate.
  • Topics that update the fellowship regarding ‘what’s going on’ in all our different committees and groups.
  • Please include photos, relevant URLs or links to illustrate the topic.

5.  Who can write for or participate on the FLAME / blog?

Answer:  Anyone!   Ideally, we would like one person from every committee and group at UUFP to take photos of their events and send them with a narrative of who, what, where, when and why for posting to:  flame@uufp.org  This will grow interest and increase participation in your events going forward.   We are also always looking for proofers, photographers and editors to lend a helping hand!

6.  Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Answer:   Please feel free to contact the Flame Keeper, Brad Garbus.


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