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He’s coming back!

Alan Sheeler will be home soon ready to fulfill our commitments and that means he’ll be shaking the money bag to make sure he has enough. After half the month, we already have 60% of what he needs! Thank you. … Continue reading

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Your update

Last week we talked about Alan Sheeler being on vacation. As treasurer, one of his jobs is minding our bank balances. Every week he enters the Fellowship’s income into our books so that you get credited for your pledge payment. … Continue reading

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REVEALED! THE secret sauce used at UUFP!

Blend everything together and it will probably look like this:

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The Generosity of Community Threatre

Back in the 90’s I was doing community theatre in Austin, TX. For those of you unfamiliar, Austin has a similar vibe to Portland, OR, or at least it did in the mid 90’s. It was hipster before hipster has … Continue reading

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Do people still have larders?

If you do, will you check to see what you can grab for Sunday?* But, if you don’t, will you check your pantry to see what you can grab for Sunday?* See, this Sunday we’re collecting for the Food Bank … Continue reading

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Yard Sale a Great Success!

Report by Sarah Pierce-Davis Our annual Yard Sale netted $2,262.04 for the Fellowship so I think we can consider it was a great success!  Those who made it happen were truly a UUFP LOVE Brigade!  Immense thanks to: Michelle and … Continue reading

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But not while you’re driving!

You have that really nice phone somewhere nearby, right? You check your email every ten minutes, look at some cat videos, post a picture on Facebook and, maybe even look at Oh yeah, there’s Spotify and, of course, more … Continue reading

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