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In case you were wondering

July is a little over halfway over and pledges are coming in as planned but we need everyone pitching in. We have a monthly budget of $19,222 and we’ve already received $12,511 so we really need you! Operators are standing … Continue reading

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Set it and forget it

When you go on vacation, does your pledge go, too? I’m not talking about spending your pledge money on souvenirs, just bringing it up to date later. It’s hard enough without your smiling face when you’re not at church, but … Continue reading

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This seems like a good time to talk about trust. As a financial supporter of the UU Fellowship (or any group you support) you have placed your trust in the leadership to carefully and mindfully use your money in a … Continue reading

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Everyone is discussing the auction catalog

The Autumn Action catalog comes out Friday. We really need your submission by 9PM tonight.

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The Generosity of Community Threatre

Back in the 90’s I was doing community theatre in Austin, TX. For those of you unfamiliar, Austin has a similar vibe to Portland, OR, or at least it did in the mid 90’s. It was hipster before hipster has … Continue reading

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Almost is Almost here!

Whether it’s keeping the grass cut or teaching a class. We’ve had full Sunday Services and Sunday Morning Forums. We’ve welcomed a human dynamo, Walter Clark and helped feed those in need. And as we close out August, there’s still … Continue reading

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What do you want to do?

Did you know that your personal information and preferences are a DIY project? You can do it yourself. To change your email or mailing address or phone number, Icon is the way to go. Using your personal username and password … Continue reading

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It’s time!

The First Sunday of the month is tomorrow; time to pay your August pledge. July was a wonderful month: the St. Paul’s Friday Night Kitchen was in full swing, we got to formally welcome Walter Clark and all the pledges … Continue reading

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This is amazing!

I came across this picture of a chalice and a sign in German which says, “Please pay your pledge. We really need you!” [Disclaimer: Actually, I have no idea what this sign says.] But, we really need you to pay … Continue reading

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Remember last call?

Letter from Alan Sheeler At the annual meeting we discussed the state of our current finances and how we needed your help. Thank you for answering the call! So many members have completed their pledges since then and some “over … Continue reading

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