No way to run a country

You may want to ask yourself, “What constitutes murder and is ‘just following orders’ a good defense?” Has the level of inhumanity by our government reached such a point that morality doesn’t factor into its decision making anymore? Take the following:

There are nine people of good will with the group No More Deaths who are facing federal charges after leaving water bottles for migrants in the Arizona desert. They are charged with misdemeanors for driving in a wilderness area, entering a wildlife refuge without a permit and abandonment of property.


It gets even more unforgivable

Border patrols are actually destroying any chance that immigrants may have of just staying alive. Bodies of adults and children are found in the desert and, if the videos are any indication, these agents are cutting their lifeline with a smile. This indefensible behavior by the United States government has to cease.


Whether it’s destroying water bottles or just dumping water out, death may be the final outcome

It makes one wonder why these people are so desperate to go to a country with this kind of leadership.

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