Politics vs. Personal

politics vs personal

Politics can be more like a shoot out at the OK Coral.

One thing that John McCain has reminded us that politics is a rough and tumble business. If you want to be president you pull out all the stops. And you know at the outset that there will be a winner and loser. It doesn’t mean that the best man wins, only that someone will win.

And, in the case of the senate, the battles are constant. McCain fought legendary battles with the liberals, unless he thought they were right as in the case of Obamacare.

But, McCain has also reminded us that there is personal and that the two shouldn’t be confused. It’s a good lesson for everyone involved in the politics of work or even charity work. Not easy to do when passions are high but it’s necessary if there’s to be civility and you value a good quality of life. Otherwise it can cost feelings and friendships.

McCain will be eulogized by three men this week who were his political foes but, in his mind, they were never personal enemies. Those who don’t understand the difference will be left all alone this week.

But the weather should be great for golf this weekend.

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