It’s all about who you know

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Our dog has fleas





Mom was right when she said you had to be careful who you associated with. Or as Ben Franklin wrote, “He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas.”





Growing up, you were probably told by your mother to beware of hanging out with the wrong crowd. You might get in trouble and, just as bad, get the wrong kind of reputation. One only has to look at recent history to see that she was right.

Richard Nixon surrounded himself with people who had no issues with morality if it justified their ambitions. Most ended up serving prison time with their reputations in tatters. Not because of the Watergate break in but because of the lies they told to cover it up.

Once again, we’re seeing that Mom was right. Paying off a stripper to serve the cause? (Not hard to know how Mom would have felt about that.) Securing loans by lying turns out to be a felony because it’s wrong. (Mom never liked liars.)

Donald Trump has surrounded himself with men and women of questionable character. They seem willing to lie, steal and obstruct to support a showman who has no allegiance to them. Chances are that this week’s trials are just the beginning. It wouldn’t be surprising to discover that most White House staffers have contacted an attorney.

And writing a book about Trump doesn’t get you redemption. Tapes or no tapes.

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