It doesn’t matter who’s to blame

Whether we want the 700-plus immigrant children being held in our custody or not doesn’t matter because they aren’t leaving. And, since we can’t match them up with their parents because we don’t know who or where they are, these kids are ours. Nobody left them on our doorstep—we took them.

It’s time to quit playing the blame game because it’s unimportant. It won’t matter who’s in charge, these children will still be here and we need to figure out what to do with them. Fortunately, no one has suggested putting them in busses and dropping them off at the border in the dead of night. And it would be inhuman to keep them in cages until—what?—forever?

Since we never had a Plan A, we don’t need a Plan B. What we need is a Next Step Plan. Here’s a possible solution:

  1. Treat them like we do wards of the court and find families to raise them.
  2. Make sure they get a good secondary education.
  3. Furnish a college education at our expense, if they desire.
  4. Guarantee citizenship at eighteen to any who request it.
  5. Hope for a positive outcome.

Keeping children in cages is just plain wrong on every level but placing them in a loving home gives them a chance at a happy, stable life. A secondary education is the next level toward a productive life. We know college isn’t for everyone but it should be available to those who want it and it should be on our dime.

Of course all of this costs money and according to the Department of Agriculture, the cost of raising a child is $14,000 per year. Compare that to the $700 per day we’re spending ($255,000 per year) and the price is reasonable. In all fairness, college isn’t included in the cost of raising a child but, c’mon, surely we can squeeze the cost out of the $241,000 we’ll save every year.

These are innocent children who have been used as pawns possibly by their parents but most certainly by our government.

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