The road downhill

Her 14-month-old was held for 85 days and never bathed ONCE!

These past weeks have felt like an old movie, Experiment in Terror. (Ross Martin is a killer who continually calls and threatens Lee Remick, a bank teller. If she doesn’t steal money from her bank, he’ll get her and the people she cares about. Of course we have our hero, Glenn Ford.) There’s no mention of a wall, but…

With all the pictures and stories of immigrant families torn apart and followed by a litany of excuses why they aren’t reunited yet, we received another bombshell. There aren’t 2,000 children imprisoned. The Department of Health and Human Services now says it could be closer to 3,000.

According to the LA Times:

“I asked about my son and they wouldn’t respond. I insisted on knowing and they told me, ‘Ma’am, your son is not here, he is far away and you’re being deported to your country.’”

She said that’s when she started to cry and “pleaded with them to let me stay with my son.”

“The official told me, ‘Don’t make me use a Taser gun on you,’” she wrote.

That qualifies as terror in anyone’s book.

They know where all the children are

Yeah. Right.

Oh, they know that they’ve got a lot of children in this cage and a bunch locked up in that one, but they don’t know who their folks are! If they did, they wouldn’t be scrambling to run DNA tests.

The deadline to reunite these people is July 26 so they better get cracking because the world is watching.

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