Who took Congress to the vet to be fixed?

Feeling gut punched? Everywhere we turn, we see children (and babies) taken from their mothers. These pictures are making the nation sick. How can anyone say, “This makes me ill, but…” But?

And George Will wonders if Congress is suffering yet with arthritic knees from constantly genuflecting to the President.

I’m no good but you’re no gooder

It seems the argument is that we’ve done this in the past with slavery. True, but, we fought a civil war over it!

A large number of members of Congress argue that snatching children at the border from their mothers is the law. Well, so was slavery. Horrible, inhumane actions of the past are not a justification for the actions of this country at the border today.



Congress’ moral compass is broken. Maybe ours is, too.




As Dr. Colleen Kraft said after seeing migrant children in a Texas shelter:

“America is better than this.”


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One Response to Who took Congress to the vet to be fixed?

  1. Kim Hummel says:

    And Donald Trump blames the Democrats for this. As usual, Trumps accepts NONE of the responsibility for this draconian policy. It is yet another outrage for America!

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