The power to manipulate


Photo by Jimi Filipovski on Unsplash

Almost every day, we see changes in our world that benefit the few but impact the many. Separating immigrant children from their parents and justifying it by saying, “Well, they shouldn’t have come here.”

Playing games with peoples’ health and safety by relaxing/cancelling regulations that “hurt business” but protect human beings.

But, there are the powerful who see this conduct and believe, rightly or wrongly, that they can behave in the same manner toward their friends. Maybe, like Lucy, they keep moving the Charlie’s football. Only the football is truth. They see money and the opportunity to control it. Just to prove their power.

It might be easy to “go along to get along” but, then you see these amazing high school students taking on the NRA and you realize that all acts of power and manipulation can be challenged.

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  1. Lehni Lebert says:

    Well said, David.

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