Second Sunday means Foodbank!

One of the most exciting activities of the foodbank-logo is the Mobile Food Pantry Program that delivers and distributes fresh, healthy food directly into the communities that need it.

  • Mobile Pantries utilize large refrigerated trucks capable of supplying fresh foods which traditional pantries neither collect nor distribute
  • Mobile pantries extend Foodbank and agency services into neighborhoods outside of their normal range, and thereby enlarge the circle of help in the community
  • In addition to expanding food capacity, these distributions remove barriers which prevent access to unserved or underserved communities, and do so efficiently with an air of dignity
  • Mobile Pantries streamline the delivery process and reduce strain on partner agencies by providing secure transportation of a variety of fresh, nutritionally dense foods
  • By providing an emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats to needy communities, they help combat obesity


Please support our Share the Basket partner tomorrow or do it now online!

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