Changing the world? Us? (part 2)

Shelter Rock ad campaign

Courtesy of Shelter Rock UU

”Robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

If things get a little tight, you may have to do this. Poor Peter.

But churches shouldn’t have to do this, right? And yet, we seem to expect non-profits to live from paycheck to paycheck for some reason. When pledges don’t come in on time, the Fellowship has to go to Peter, aka savings.

Poor Peter.

Remember when you signed your pledge form last spring? Think back to how you felt and why you increased your commitment. Is your commitment stronger? Judging by all the activities going on at the Fellowship and outside our walls there is a lot of positive energy.

Thank you for continuing your gifts every week whether it’s by mail or in the basket or on-line. And, hey, you can use the basket at Sunday Forum for your checks, too, if you want.

Peter really appreciates your help!


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