Changing the world? Us? (part 1)


Shelter Rock ad campaign

Courtesy Shelter Rock UU

*When there’s a need to join our voices, we load up buses and head out! Whether it’s women’s health care under attack or the systemic racial injustice that affects our country, we are there.

*When people are hungry, we show up with hot fresh meals. We are beyond grateful to Bruce Cheney and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church for the opportunity to be a part of a shared ministry.

*Winter is coming and no one suffers more than the homeless. Again, we’ll be there serving shoulder to shoulder with PORT, working with other area churches to offer a safe haven over night with hot meals and safety.

*Every day, people show up at LINK with the goal of turning their lives around. They just need some assistance. Maybe it’s some decent clothes they can wear to a job interview or help with a resume. Or food. Or a place to live. For 27 years, the Fellowship has been there with LINK.

Changing the world? Us? Yes!standing_on_the_side_of_lov



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  1. Lehni says:

    Davve, this is both gratifying and inspiring. Thanks.

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