When the cat’s away!



The UUFP Treasurer, Alan Sheeler, is out of town.

While he’s gone, I can say some nice things about him. Obviously, he makes good choices—just look at his mate, Michelle. (Home run!)



Since joining the Fellowship in April 1999, he has taken on just about every job imaginable. He was president 138 times because we needed him. (Under his leadership we paid our old mortgage off!) He’s also served as Finance Chair and was instrumental in the purchase of the office building and paying off the original loan with our bond fund.

Alan is one of the first to show up for emergencies and one of the last to leave.

He has cleared the ice covered walkways before church, worked like crazy to get the mess fixed after the pipes froze, raked leaves, painted the sanctuary and even grabbed a vacuum cleaner when need. And, when needed, he has leaped a few tall buildings!

He’ll need money to pay the Fellowship’s commitments so when he gets home, the first thing he’ll do is check the UUFP bank account!

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