Set it and forget it

When you go on vacation, does your pledge go, too?

I’m not talking about spending your pledge money on souvenirs, just bringing it up to date later. It’s hard enough without your smiling face when you’re not at church, but it’s really stressful when your money isn’t here.

You probably remember that you raised your pledge to begin after July 1, which means that we’re even more dependent on it than ever before. When there isn’t enough to pay the bills, Alan Sheeler (Treasurer) has to raid the savings account*. And that means he whines to me!

The solution. VANCO!


Does anyone actually have a desk this neat?

It’s very possible that you pay Dominion, Cox or Verizon on-line. So why not your church? You can do it weekly, monthly or even one time. Once you set up your account, you can make changes from your phone, tablet or lap top no matter where you are.

VANCO is easy to set-up. Give it 90 days and you may never go back to checks!

David Walsh (whine dealer)

*Alan always pays savings back. Always!

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