Down to the Wire

are you ready for a stellar finish-

Last July, who would have pictured the coming year? Some might call it turmoil or confusion.

But, as usual, the UUFP was ready. We responded by joining four million (4,000,000) others for a march to support women’s rights. We hung our emotions for the world to see with a Black Lives Matter banner. We’ve been a part of a climate science demonstration, Pridefest and we volunteer to feed those in need and support all of this with our dollars.

Last July, we didn’t know what the future held, but your pledges made sure that the Fellowship was ready. Now is the time to complete your current pledge so we can be ready for who-knows-what?

Please bring your check or cash on Sunday or, better yet, go online to give the Fellowship a great finish to an incredible year!

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2 Responses to Down to the Wire

  1. Lehni says:

    Creative and Positive. I Love it!

  2. Alan Sheeler says:

    Amen, brother walsh!

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