Canvass Update

The 2017 pledge drive to support the UU Fellowship may turn out to be the most successful in our history!

And it makes sense if you think about what we have to offer. If you have kids, the religious education is top notch. In addition, there is the Navigators program, an active group offering an alternative to scouting. And, if you like discussion on a variety of topics, the Sunday Morning Forum is the ideal place to be at 11:15AM.

At the helm is Rev. Andrew Millard with topical and inspiring sermons every week.

Social Justice is front and center at the UU Fellowship! Taking an active role in supporting women’s health and rights, fighting institutional racism through education and contributing as well as preparing food for those most at-risk in our own community.

Making a pledge to the Fellowship is how we know that we’ll be able to make all of the new plans for next year a reality. So, if you’re a new member and want to be a part of the vibrancy here or you’ve simply lost the pledge card you received in the mail, contact Judy Remsberg today at .


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