Joys and Sorrows Change

 by Jim Sanderson, Chair Sunday Services Committee

Joys and Sorrows is an important part of our worship service, however it can either take up a great deal of time or it can cause individuals to rush through their concern to allow others to speak.   Also, people have different comfort levels with speaking before the congregation.

In July, we started something new at the second service.  Joys and Sorrows are expressed through a Pastoral Prayer. We are making a small change to how it works.  The “Book of Life” will be placed on a desk in the Library Space adjoining the lobby. Before the service anyone having a joy or sorrow they wish to share may briefly and quietly write it in the book.   This will provide easier and private access to the “Book of Life.” Andrew will weave the entries into a Pastoral Prayer which he will offer aloud during the Joys and Concerns section of the service.

We will continue to offer the current form of Joys and Sorrows with individually presented concerns and candle lighting at most 9:30 services

Did You Know?

Did you know you can share an item to be included in the Pastoral Prayer with Andrew in 2 ways:?

  1. Write your concern in the Book of Life prior to the start of the service
  2. E-mail Andrew with your request


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