Snow income

Actually it’s no income! That’s what occurs when church is cancelled. The baskets sit in a cool, dark sanctuary untouched and empty. Sad, but don’t cry.

The Fellowship has Vanco, our on-line collector of funds to pay Dominion, Verizon, support share the basket and, really important, our staff! And with nearly half of our income (seriously, stop crying) being received on-line it makes a difference.

As dependable as the post office

Through rain, sleet, snow and even broken pipes, we receive the financial support the Fellowship needs. If you are using it, you know how easy it is to set up and pay your pledge, support our share the basket and tip the web master. Never mind, that was removed.

If you aren’t using it, try it once and see for yourself. The church only pays 25 cents when you pay using your checking account and about 3% when you use a card, but either way the money is automatically deposited within 48 hours to our bank account, ready to use!

Melt the snow income!

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  1. Lehni says:

    I use it. It’s easy and keeps a great record for me. Please try it.

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