Delving Deeper Returns

We had a nice discussion after our service on November 20th. Several people asked us to offer this again. So, we have decided to hold our next “Delving Deeper” discussion circle on Sunday, January 29th after second service.

The intent of these discussion circles is to enrich your Sunday morning experience and help you carry it into your week.

If you would like to talk with others about the morning service, please return to the sanctuary at 12:30. The circles will be made up of approximately 10 people with a group facilitator. The facilitator will guide the group through 3 questions about the service.

To get you thinking about this service in advance, here is the description. “Love of Money Is the Root of All Evil” How do you love? Does your love touch you, hold you, fill you, fling you into the world? Whom do you love? Are there relatives and friends, close to you or far away, living or departed, their faces in your heart? What do you love? Does your love reach out, to heal, to soothe, to comfort, to feed the hungry and warm the cold?

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