Upcoming Adult Forums

12/4 Meg Glenn Albiez The Committee on Ministry quietly goes about a job vital to the health of our Fellowship. Meg will discuss the work they do.

12/11 Walter Clark Building a Personal Credo: What motivates you to action? What are the things in life that you hold dear? Where will you not compromise? Join Walter for a crash course on building your own personal faith statement based on our UU values.

12/18 Ray McAdaragh the Youth Challenge Program. Jail doesn’t rehab people with a drug habit very well and they continue to go back to the life-style that got them in trouble in the first place. Judges would much rather sentence a drug addict to this program, rather than to jail, because it is successful for so many people. The goal of Youth Challenge is to teach these citizens how to make the internal change that is necessary. They use a Christian approach, but do not require them to become Christians. The ultimate goal is spiritual maturity, which allows an individual to take control of his/her own life.

12/25 Kathryn Ozyurt Endings and Beginnings

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