By Joanne Dingus

Most of you will remember that our intern, Chris Hockman, started working with the Boys and Girls Club in Aqueduct as part of her ministry with us. She often did yoga classes with the kids or organized a seasonal event. She helped our members get involved with the mentoring program there as well. With Chris leaving and the Club itself going through several staff members, it has been difficult to keep up our connection to the Club. Allison Black has continued to spend time with the kids twice a week, playing with them on the playground, helping with homework and just having fun.

Allison is working with the RE Committee to provide crafts and events for the children on a more regular basis.

She and I did some crafts at Halloween and more recently we did crafts for Thanksgiving.

I wanted to share my experience. I decided on a turkey craft that could be used as a table decoration. It consisted of a brown paper cup, construction paper feathers, a pompom and some googly eyes. I couldn’t find large brown pompoms in the store so I decided to get yarn and teach the kids how to make one themselves.

When I arrived at the club, I was immediately greeted with smiles and hugs. “You came back!” squealed one girl. “I was hoping you would.” Then others asked if they could help carry in supplies. “What are we making?” they asked and I showed them the sample.  “I want to make one.” “Me too!”

So, Allison and I began handing out paper, cups and string. We led them through each step, helping them as needed. The kids were so excited and happy to be making something they could bring home.

One little girl touched my arm when we were winding yarn for the pompom. “Your arm is so soft!” she said. She told the other kids and then called me Miss Soft Arm the rest of the night. It still makes me smile. Another girl tore her rice crispy treat in half and gave me a piece. One child created a play with her turkey cup and I got to be the audience as she performed it.

We were only there for two hours but they was definitely the highlight of my week.

Allison and I are planning to go back before Christmas. We would love to have more craft tables available and maybe some homemade treats to share with the kids. If you are interested in helping please email me at  You’ll be glad you did.

See you in the RE!

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