Giving Tuesday on Sunday

heartSo, here we are, racing toward Giving Tuesday. What a great opportunity to help the FoodBank feed our neighbors. And don’t forget the math! Your gift—combined with that of others—gives them to create four meals for every dollar you contribute!

Triple Bonus!

Bank of America will add $2 for every dollar you contribute! So, your $10 and their $20 will gift our local FoodBank with $30 or 120 meals for people who are struggling with hunger and that’s one in seven families in Tidewater!

Will you please bring a check or cash marked Giving Tuesday tomorrow or go on-line now to do it?

I always wanted to go back to school but, as a single mom with three boys, it was tough. Last year I decided to go back. We get by, but it’s a struggle particularly during the holidays. I may not have a lot to give my boys but they love food, so when the food pantry gives us an amazing meal, I know they’re happy. Food pantry volunteers full of love, compassion and support for those in need. Liz


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