The auction is coming! The auction is coming!


This is a HUGE catalog so you’ll want to return again and again.

Occasionally you’ll see a blank button. This is an opportunity to snap up something right now with no bidding! For example, you want to be sure you finally get that premium parking place close to the front door so you click blank and you go directly to

vanco-buy-it-now   where you enter the price “$500” and the name “parking spot” and then finish with your particulars and it’s yours! And you can use this as an opportunity to get your tickets to the event, too.

So, start reading and be sure to get your tickets!


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  1. Lehni Lebert says:

    The catalog looks great! I would like to make one correction if I may under my pet training offer. My last name is Lebert, not Dawkins.


    LehniMara Lebert

    Skype: lehni.lebert

    “The basis of Life is Freedom. The Purpose of Life is Joy. The result of Life is Growth” Abraham-Hicks

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