Big Footsteps, Big Impact

Wherever we are, most of us want to make an impact. It wasn’t too many years ago that the Fellowship  did a second passing of the basket on the third Sunday for LINK and once a year for PORT.

But then it stopped feeling like that was enough.

Other UU churches were actually giving away half of the cash in their baskets!


We really wanted to do more, but, come on, give away half of the cash we took in that was helping to pay our bills?

But, we jumped in with both feet and guess what?

Our income dropped like a rock!

And then the strangest thing happened. It started coming back up. And today our cash income is more than it ever was when we kept it all for ourselves. Somehow, giving money makes money!

But, the weirdest, most incomprehensible, Twilight Zone thing happened. Members felt so good about what we were doing that there was an increase in regular support, too!

Sharing the basket is the perfect example of living in a culture of abundance.

Those dollars you put in Sunday’s basket or give on-line are making an impact and that’s what most of us want, right?

Oh, by the way, some of those UU churches now give ALL the cash away! Stay tuned.


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