We need our own reality TV show!

There’s so much variety here we won’t ever be cancelled! run a church.png

Watch the Membership committee as they wait expectantly to greet people, members and visitors. They know everything going on here! Just ask.

Wow! Somebody made coffee!


You’ll be mesmerized watching a hard working ministerial intern run around, greeting every friend and newcomer. See him dive into every corner of Fellowship life before racing to the front of the sanctuary to share the podium with the minister.


A tango of food prep. A two-step of feeding and befriending the needy. They can rumba through the challenges of supporting the disenfranchised. Rinse and repeat.


Tune in as they read a story. Create programs for young ones and for middle school. Never forgetting the high schoolers. Puberty??? That’s another program. This isn’t Captain Kangaroo.


They practice. They practice more. Then they practice again. Finally performing great music. Don’t be surprised if your ears do the happy dance!


They aren’t ducks but you’ll see them supporting the kids and the voices. Making money to run a church, sponsor an apprentice and reach the world. Hide your wallet!


The’ll stop at nothing! Sunday Forums ranging from Judaism to Muslims. Guns to the right to die. (Not the same show.) Always in high gear with still another program.

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  1. Lehni says:

    Create and amusing! Thanks!

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