Every Child is Our Child Program

ecoc-quoteThis is part of the UU-UNO’s mission (UU-United Nations Organization).

Unitarian Universalists are called to advocate for international human rights; to be a voice for the voiceless by promoting the inherent worth and dignity of all living things. Every Child is Our Child (ECOC) works to empower women and children in the regions of Ghana most heavily affected by HIV/AIDS.

They do this with our support of the UUA’s GIFT program. Can you imagine the UUFP working alone to solve these problems?

Empower children orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS through education.

Attending school is not possible for many children who cannot afford the costs of materials and uniforms so ECOC these supplies for them.

Lower rates of HIV/AIDS and AIDS-related deaths through health care access.

ECOC makes healthcare obtainable to students and their caretaking families, who cannot afford it by purchasing health care cards for them, keeping people infected with HIV/AIDS safe and healthy.

This is another example of how we reach out past our walls at the Fellowship!


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