Adult RE

Adult RE Schedule

Saturday September 17 8:30 AM Leadership Seminar. Space is still available and walk ins are welcome.

Upcoming Adult Forums, open to all members friends and visitors!

Here is your chance to hear about a topic loosely related to one or more of the 7 principals of Unitarian Universalism and to participate in the resulting discussion.

9/18 9:30 AM Julian Padowicz Waltzing with the Muse: one writer’s take on the creative process.
Julian writes award winning books for adults and for children. He wrote an autobiographical series telling the story of how he and his mother escaped Poland just before the outbreak of World War II, a series of crime novels and novels for young people, most lately the Mrs Parsely book you may have caught a glimpse of at the fellowship!

9/25 11:15 AM Jennifer Rhu “Fear of Death”
There are so few places where we can talk frankly about the reality of death. Rev. Jennifer invites you to an open conversation about our worries and wonderings; hopes and aspirations for the end of life.

NOTE: As of 9/25 the Adult Forum will begin meeting at 11:15 AM in the office building, during second service.

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