What do you do when you’re on a roll?

Last spring we talked about the 2016-17 fiscal year and how this would be the next stage stage2in the UU Fellowship’s life. Judging by the first two months, everyone is really on-board!

High fives!

Summer is always a little crazy with folks going on vacation, getting ready for college, weddings, etc. But, here at home:

  • Our members made sure that fresh food was prepared and served to those in need for the Good Fridays at St. Paul’s.
  • We snagged a new intern minister, Walter Clark, who, like Christine Hockman, is a human dynamo.
  • Are you attending the “Spirit in Practice” sessions facilitated by Rev. Millard, Rev. Jennifer Ryu and Walter and presented twice every month? It’s not too late, just check the calendar.
  • Our friends and members, recognizing the needs of kids who depend on free lunch at school, are bringing food to support the Food Bank in their quest to care for these children during summer vacation.
  • Members went to Norfolk to be a part of Pridefest again to show our support.
  • Joanne Dingus went door to door in the neighborhood behind the Fellowship and put up 200 flyers which invited black members of the community to use the sanctuary as a healing space to deal with the recent shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota and Texas.
  • The Sunday Morning Forum has, with Kathryn Ozyurt at the helm, consistently packed the house every Sunday with a variety of topics and facilitators!

This is what happens when you’re on a roll and part of the next stage in the Fellowship’s future!

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  1. Lehni says:

    Thank you for that gratifying summary. I am honored to be part of such a giving faith community.

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