Almost is Almost here!

Summer is almost over!

Whether it’s keeping the grass cut or teaching a class. We’ve had full Sunday Services and Sunday Morning Forums. We’ve welcomed a human dynamo, Walter Clark and helped feed those in need. And as we close out August, there’s still time to fulfill your commitment to support your Fellowship, whether you bring a check this Sunday or do it on-line. Thanks for keeping your pledge up to date.

Things to do next!

Some friends are leaving, which is always difficult. They’ve been a huge part of the Fellowship.


Nicholas Hirlinger Saylor and John Hirlinger Saylor

Our UUFP future begins with your participation on September 17. And you can go here for all the information.


See? Almost is coming but it’s not here yet!

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One Response to Almost is Almost here!

  1. sandy burkes-campbell says:

    Yes please take the time to sign up for Bob Smith’s Leadership Development workshop even if you want to serve on a committee and not chair one at this time. There are many opportunities for members to share their talents on committees this fall so contact Connie Keller or myself if you are uncertain about which one to choose!

    Sandy Burkes-Campbell
    Fellowship President

    Sandy Burkes-Campbell

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