Sacred Space

Image of the Earth rising over the Moon from Apollo 8

The NASA image that inspired
the name of the UUFP’s pagan group.
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Credit: NASA

EarthRising, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula’s pagan group, was formed in 1988, making it the oldest such group in Virginia.  As shared in recent Sunday services on the subject of “Kinship with the Earth”, here is the founding document, “Sacred Space”, as authored by MountainHeart.

We have come together to form a community of kindred spirits — to make interconnections with the Earth and all her life — of which we are a part.

We gather to help heal ourselves from the sickness of separation from Mother Earth — an unnatural separation which makes her sick also.  We gather to heal ourselves, our Earth.

We gather to rediscover our tribal roots and to celebrate the Dance of Life — for we are Dancers who have perhaps forgotten the steps that we knew as children — but we crave the Dance in our Deepest Beings.

We join together to feel our Hearts beat — to know they are part of the pulse of the Earth.

We gather together to share our Breaths — to breathe the Air that is the Breath of the Earth — the breath of our grandfathers and grandmothers.

We gather together to share the warmth of the Fire of Life, which burns within us all — to feel the tidal rhythms of the Oceanic blood coursing through our veins.

We join each other to affirm the goodness — the sacredness — of our bodies and to celebrate our natural, good wildness — to shed our unnatural estrangement from ourselves and from wilderness.

We come together to nurture each other and our Earth, who nurtures us.

We join together in a sacred protective circle in which we can let fly the child within.  A temporary place of reconnecting with the Earth Mother, the Great Spirit, the Goddess, the God of the Dance, the Lord of the Hunt, the Green Man, the Spirits of Mountain and Stream, the Muses, the Elements — a place for the suspension of disbelief.  These Forces, Beings, Feelings, Aspects, Spirits, Archetypes, Symbols are invited to join us in the circle.

We meet in a circle and look into each other’s faces because that’s where we find God — in each other, in ourselves — as in all of Nature.

Our Living Circle is a Magic place where we rediscover the Enchantment of childhood.  It is a place of Laughter and Spontaneity.  A joyfully sacred space where we are free to explore our deepest feelings without fear of ridicule.  Where we can express joy, sorrow, fear and Immanent strength.  Where we can express connectedness with each other and with all of Life — all the Universe.  Where we can play.  Where we can express wonder at the Great Mystery of Ourselves, the Cosmos, the Cycles of Being — Beginnings from Endings, Endings from Beginnings, Life from Death, Death from Life.  We express ourselves through Song, Dance, Poetry, Meditation, Chant, Symbolic Ritual, Visualization or any other Creative means.  Or just by Being.

Our Circle is Opened but Unbroken, for the Peace of the Goddess, the Strength of the Laughing God, the Nurturing of the Earth Mother and the Light of the Stars can always be found within.

EarthRising offers seasonal Earth-centered celebrations — at the solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter days — in support of a modern, Nature spirituality.  For more information, contact:


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Andrew serves as minister to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula in Newport News, Virginia.
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  1. Lehni says:

    Thank you for sharing this document. I found the service EarthRising celebrated enlightening. I would like to be able to participate more with the group.

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