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Upcoming Adult Forums, open to all members friends and visitors!

Here is your chance to hear about a topic loosely related to one or more of the 7 principals of Unitarian Universalism and to participate in the resulting discussion.

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8/21/16 Dawn Hutchinson Patriarchal monotheism has been the norm for the north-western quarter of the globe, but why? We will discuss how this type of worship developed, as well as the justification for the worship of a feminine divinity on August 21.

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8/28/16 Joanne Dingus Children’s Focus UUFP offers children’s religious education classes at both services each Sunday. There is a youth group that meets once a month. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go to RE? Joanne will share a sample RE class with the Adult Forum and discuss the importance of providing quality religious education to our children and youth.


9/4/16 Christine Woods Socrates Café – this ever popular forum is your chance to choose the topic of discussion! Christine will have our group suggest and select a topic and then facilitate the discussion by using the Socratic method to draw out our thought on all aspects of that topic.

The Sunday Morning Forum meets in the Office Building at 9:30am each Sunday.

This forum is for you all!  If you have suggestions for future topics or would like to volunteer to facilitate a topic, please contact anyone in the Adult RE committee for more information and scheduling: Bob Smith, Lehni Lebert, Ray McAdaragh, or Kathryn Ozyurt. You can do one, two or three consecutive sessions.  As always, our format is interactive, so be prepared to facilitate a lively and interesting discussion after, before and or during your presentation.  If you are interested in doing an evening or weekend class for more intensive study, please also contact us about that.

Kathryn Ozyurt, Chair, Adult RE


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