August Flame

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Gayle Phillips

Jeanie Goldberg

Asher Meyer

Nancy Emery

Tom Hagner

Kim Hummel

Selena Carlson-Hagstrom

Dan Luke

Neil Bates

Judy Remsberg

Sandy Burkes-Campbell

Barbara Crossman

Allison Black

Sophia Hagstrom

Bob Mosolf

submitted by Bobbie Schilling

Goddess Circle

August 7th, 2016

Tris will present

Stories in Stone:  Aboriginal Australia

This is an open discussion circle for everyone.

 Goddesses are chosen from various world religions as a starting place for group discussion.

When: 1st Sunday after 2nd service (about 12:15 pm)  

  Where: In the Annex Building    Why:  potluck, fellowship and fun.

Childcare can be provided with advance notification.

Please contact with any questions.



It’s all about the clues, so…

You and your team will be given a map and a list of clues. You’ll have to drive around to solve each clue, BUT you have to prove it with a picture! Learn more and sign up


Coming soon!

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