This is amazing!

I came across this picture of a chalice and a sign in German which says, “Please pay your pledge. We really need you!”


[Disclaimer: Actually, I have no idea what this sign says.]

But, we really need you to pay your pledge today. We’re non-prophet, so your gifts are tax-deductible!

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5 Responses to This is amazing!

  1. Chere' says:

    Actually David, it says “All is finished, (ready/ prepared. Now we just have to do it.” Nice effort though- *grin*

  2. Ken Haggard says:

    Every thing is ready: it needs only to be done. Ken haggard

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  3. Lydia Disney says:

    David, you come up with the darndest stuff, is “darndest” a word? Actually, the picture is pretty. We are non-prophets. Lydia


  4. Lin H Chambers says:

    Bad choice. It says “everything is ready; nothing more is left to be done”. 🙂

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