Adult Forum Schedule

We have an interesting 4 weeks lined up for you!

7/17 Sandra Engelhardt, Wayne Dawkins, Joanne Dingus and Jamie Dingus: Thoughts and perspectives on this year’s UUA General Assembly

7/24 Jim Sanderson: “I Am Not Saved, I am Invested” Religions rest on assumptions and values and have goals. Many religions assume a “fallen” state for humanity and the need to be us to seek salvation. Jim argues that our faith does not assume such a fallen state and has as its goal ( or one of them) the need to invest our lives and abilities in the world.

7/31 Mason “Lite and Lively” Moseley: An excerpt from Einstein’s Dream by Alan Lightman. Starting from the premise that Einstein, the patent office clerk, digests a lot of science and has synthesized a hypothesis of space and time, the author speculates on what Einstein may have thought about different states of time. We will relate Einstein’s dream to the ideas we have been talking a lot about: reality; what is and isn’t; how we perceive it; what is secular and what is spiritual.

8/7 Lehni Lebert: Sex and Religion Culture and religion are intertwined it can be difficult to delineate what is which in certain circumstances. Though many of us are not, and have not been, mainstream Christian, those values permeate our culture and we are influenced by them.

The Sunday Morning Forum meets in the Office Building at 9:30am each Sunday.

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