Upcoming Adult Forums

6/19 Jaimie Dingus: Finding Sanctuary
Jaimie just graduated from Boston university. She spent this year writing her senior thesis on the liberal emergent church, a new category of religious community that borrows from the music, emotion and enthusiasm of the evangelical emergent church, while maintaining liberal theology. As religious liberals, what can we learn from the emergent church? Together we will discuss three liberal emergent communities, and explore the blurring boundaries of religious identity, in the context of emergence and growth.

Scott Kasmire: Revisiting “The Power of Myth” With questions inspired by the life’s work of the late Joseph Campbell, over the next three Adult Forum sessions, the group will explore the psychological, philosophical, and cultural characteristics of world mythologies.
6/26 Part A: The Science of Myth Do humans make myths? Or do myths make humans? Is there a such thing as a “collective unconscious”? Did myths serve prehistoric peoples in ways that are alien to our understanding? With a path inspired by the work of the late Joseph Campbell, the group will explore these questions and try to piece together why our species seems to have “naturally selected” myths, metaphors, and storytelling as ways of communicating important ideas.
7/3 Part B: Rituals and Sacred Spaces Do humans create the sacred? Or does the Sacred create humans? Does ritual behavior have efficacy? Do initiation ceremonies “do” anything for the initiates? Do hymns, prayers, altars, pulpits, or stoles make religion any more “religious”? Using some examples from the work of the late Joseph Campbell, the group will consider the psychology and philosophy of rituals, and the human relationship with the “sacred”.
7/10 Part C: Making It Personal What value could myths possibly have for 21st Century humans? Was Joseph Campbell wrong when he suggested that our lives are less meaningful without myths? Has a scientific worldview removed the need for myth; or rather has it increased the need for it? The group will explore whether or not the currently held narratives of our own lives are adequate to the task demanded by the experience of “being in the world”.

The Sunday Morning Forum meets in the Office Building at 9:30am each Sunday.

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