Yard Sale a Great Success!

Report by Sarah Pierce-Davis

Outside at the Yard Sale

Picture by A.C.Millard

Our annual Yard Sale netted $2,262.04 for the Fellowship so I think we can consider it was a great success!  Those who made it happen were truly a UUFP LOVE Brigade!  Immense thanks to: Michelle and Alan Sheeler, Jesse Sheeler, Jackie Wilson, Judy Remsberg, Harriet Xinos, Connie Keller, Julia Scoggins, Henry Chambers, Mason and Patricia Mosley, Nancy Sessoms, Kathryn Özyurt, Pam Luke, Maria Cory, Marcy Stutzman, Charlene and Sam Smith, Joanne Dingus, Kirk Davis (my husband), Allison Black, Brandy Bergenstock, Valerie and Jackie Herman, and Jesse Robertson!

Inside at the Yard Sale

Picture by A.C.Millard

Those who DONATED their stuff were a cast of thousands!  A special shout out to Steve and Pat Yaros, Patricia and Mason Moseley, Pat Sloan, Connie Keller, Michael Kleiner and Bryan Hess for donations of larger furniture pieces.

Additional thanks to Rosalee Pfister, Michelle and Alan Sheeler, and Harriet Xinos for considerable cleaning up and hauling away remaining items.

Voter Registration Table

Picture by A.C.Millard

Thanks also to Christine Woods who came out and set up a booth to help register voters.

~ ~ ~

Yard Sale Organizer and Price Negotiator Sarah Pierce-Davis

Picture by A.C.Millard

And a HUGE thank you to Yard Sale Organizer and Price Negotiator, Sarah Pierce-Davis!

~ ~ ~

Here are lots more pictures by Mason “Commish” Moseley: showing how much time and effort by so many volunteers went into making the Yard Sale a great success!


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