Joys and Sorrows Change

posted for Jeff Hinkley and Jim Sanderson, Sunday Services Committee

As everyone has noticed our 11:00 am service is frequently very well attended.  This is a good thing but can lead to some difficulties.  One of those difficulties concerns the Joys and Sorrows aspect of the service.  It can either take up a great deal of time or it can cause individuals to rush through their concern in order to allow others to speak.  When services run late it creates problems for our dedicated Sunday school teachers and staff.

Starting in July we are going to try something new.  Joys and Sorrows will be expressed through a Pastoral Prayer.  Here is how it will work:  There will be a “Book of Life” placed on the Joys and Sorrows table before the service. During the pre-service meditative music anyone having a joy or sorrow they wish to share may briefly and quietly write it in the book.  Andrew will weave the entries into a Pastoral Prayer which he will offer aloud during the Joys and Concerns section of the service.

We will continue to offer the current form of Joys and Sorrows with individually presented concerns and candle lighting at the 9:30 service.

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3 Responses to Joys and Sorrows Change

  1. Scott K. says:

    The “Pastoral Prayer” approach sounds familiar to me from my experience at other UU congregations. I think it allows for us to more effectively offer our community of support to those who are afraid to speak publicly and/or those whose problems are so great that words fail them. I remember being grateful to be able to participate in that way at First Unitarian Orlando because at the time I felt too shy.

  2. Michele H says:

    “Talkback” and “Joys and Concerns” were my favorite portions of the Sunday service when I began to attend The Fellowship 20+ years ago. They were the times when we got to hear the voices of participants. I understand that having two services has made a time crunch, but I miss them.

  3. Lehni says:

    Sounds like a creative idea ofr a solution.

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