UUFP Legacy Society


Welcome to the future! The Legacy-Society-black is the Endowment Fund. It’s comprised of those who want to help guarantee the future of the Fellowship. So, let’s look at what it isn’t and what it is.

It isn’t another funding vehicle for the church to help pay the light bill or the mortgage or anything in the general budget.

It is a funding vehicle for special projects outside the budget. But, the principal is never spent! By using part of the interest to fund programs, the fund will always be safe.

Become a member of the Legacy-Society-black!

When you make a memorial gift to the Fellowship, you’re a member. So, consider a gift that will last instead of flowers. Or you can honor someone’s birthday, graduation or other special time.

What else?

Remember the Fellowship in your will. That’s a big one. There are a multitude of ways to gift money, stocks, bonds, life insurance and more that could help with your taxes while you’re alive.

Questions? Go to the Legacy-Society-blue-link and ask us. Trustees are standing by.

Your trustees: Parker Stokes, Judy Remsberg and Roy Schilling.

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