Sunday Services (May 2016)

Services for May 2016 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Peninsula

theme: Beloved Community

Rev. Andrew Clive MillardServices include sermons preached by Rev. Andrew Clive Millard unless otherwise noted.

May 1st: “We’re Better Together”Listen to it here.

Just look around our Sanctuary on a Sunday morning and you’ll see plenty of people who share in many of the same struggles — seeking truth and meaning in life; holding fast to the good; speaking and acting with lovingkindness; celebrating difference as a gift; laboring in hope for a better world — all of them gathered here in our search for wholeness. Why does that matter?

May 8th: “Always Use Your Best China”Listen to it here.

Tragedy can fill us with anger or fill us with fear, but it can also show us a way to Beloved Community. Are the words of the prophet really written on the subway walls? What can we learn from the close reading of such a simple phrase?

Rev. Charlie DieterichRev. Charlie Dieterich joined the Unitarian Church of Norfolk as Developmental Minister in 2015, having worked in Southern New Jersey and around the New Orleans area. With a Master of Science from MIT, he received an M.Div. from Starr King School for the Ministry in 2010. He is especially interested in disability issues and LGBT advocacy. We welcome Rev. Charlie to the Fellowship in his first pulpit swap with Rev. Andrew!

May 15th: “On Earth, a Heaven”Listen to it here.

In the words of Norbert Čapek, the Unitarian minister who created the Flower Communion for his congregation in Prague, every moment and every action is “our chance to keep here on earth, a heaven.” Let’s do our part by celebrating Norbert and Maja’s ceremony, respecting the worth of every person as well as honoring the beauty that each of us brings to our shared life together.

Note: For the Flower Communion, please bring one flower (preferably with a long stem) for each person attending the service.

Special music will be provided by the fabulous ChorUUs!

May 22nd: “Assembled Here”Listen to it here.  Read it here.

Imagine a world in which there’s no Unitarian Universalist Association but in which there’s still, here in Newport News, a non-denominational “Fellowship of the Peninsula”. What would that be like? What would be different? What would be our identity? How would a congregation like ours make do without the benefits and resources deriving from being part of a wider association?

We’ll also celebrate the conclusion of Christina Hockman’s internship with us.

May 29th: “What UUFP Has Taught Me”Read it here.

For her final service at the Fellowship, Chris Hockman will share some of the things she has learned from the people here during the last two years serving as the our very first intern. She will also share her parting thoughts, hopes and dreams for the congregation.

Christina HockmanChristina Hockman is the UUFP’s student minister. She is a resident of Richmond, Virginia and a member of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond. Graduating from the Meadville Lombard Theological School this month, Chris is the ministerial search candidate of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Corpus Christi, TX.



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