Upcoming Sunday Morning Forums

The Sunday Morning Forum meets in the Office Building at 9:30am each Sunday.

5/1/16: Bob Smith
EVOLUTION OF THEISM: Trying to answer WHY! Scientific research seems to agree that our Homo Sapien ancestors, in their wonderment, developed stories/myths/ideas to understand their surroundings: plants, animals, water, weather, life, and death—In search of WHY? We will discuss how the development of agriculture and community living influenced thought of supernatural beings.

5/8/16: Bob Smith
EVOLUTION OF THEISM: Western culture—the cradle of Theism. Most early, Stone-Age and Bronze-Age, cultures developed polytheistic myths. The Canaanite’s were polytheistic but graduated to monotheism sometime after 700 BCE. WHY? We will tip-toe over much of the myth and discuss how the Abrahamic religions grew and became dominant over most of our world. For many people Theism answered their quest for WHY?

5/15/16: Bob Smith
EVOLUTION AND THEISM: Are we ready to take the big leap beyond Theism? Science in the 21st century has outdated the literal teaching of the Abrahamic religions—but with what do we replace that inner search for WHY? Progressive religious thought may help save our planet and follow the teachings of Jesus.

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