The UUA General Assembly will be held June 22-26 in Columbus, Ohio. Registration prices go up on May 1st. So if any 9th-12th grade high school students would like to attend you can save $30 by signing up now. GA is an amazing week where you will meet other UU’s from all over the country. The Youth Caucus is putting in hours of time, creating special workshops, worship services and ways to take part in the business of GA. There will also be a witness event about Black Lives Matter at the courthouse where you will likely see thousands of UU’s in their yellow Standing on the Side of Love T-shirts. Let me share with you what some of this GA planning looked like.

On April 15th I flew to Columbus, Ohio to spend the weekend with 15 people for our Youth Caucus Pre-site meeting for General Assembly. On arrival, we had a little time to get settled into our hotel rooms and then we all met to go to dinner at a nice restaurant within walking distance of the convention center. After dinner the work began.

We played some get-to-know you games and went through the covenanting process. We had been given homework a few weeks before to prepare us for this weekend. So after creating a covenant of how we would be together, we went over our Leadership Inventories and Callings, including our personal mission statements.

Teams were required to create activities for the weekend. The Connections Team came up with several games that they shared with us to get a feel for whether they would work for the youth at GA. We had volunteers assigned to be process observers throughout the weekend to keep track of how the meeting was going.

On Saturday morning after breakfast the first process observers reported on the “stars and wishes” from Friday night, what things went especially well and what things they might wish to adjust, develop or delete.

We met with the General Assembly Planning Committee and the Board of Trustees to take a tour of the convention center and ask questions about this year’s GA.

We went to lunch at a very unique market place that had all kinds of food. And then it was back to work for the afternoon reviewing our SMART goals and working with our small groups on business, connections, worship, workshops. And we heard from the chaplains and the advisor/sponsor coordinators.

We created a story board to map out our week at GA, listing events, brainstorming ways to keep youth connected and safe and figuring out supplies and assigning tasks.

We played more games including one that intentionally creates conflict by switching up the rules. This was a helpful way to see how people might react under a stressful situation and how we could come together as a team.

Saturday night was ended with a lovely student led worship.

We reviewed all the items that had been put on the “bike rack,” shared more observations on process and had a closing circle on Sunday morning before heading to the airport for our return flights.

We worked hard and were all pretty exhausted by the end of the weekend but it was very good work. I’m very grateful that I was chosen to be part of this amazing group of people who are so dedicated to providing UU programs with and for youth.

You might wonder how our UUA dues work for us. The UUA provided everything to make this weekend happen.

See  you in the RE!

group photo

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